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The Ultimate Expert In Deck and Patio CareBy Alissa ReinhardF or 40 years, Barry Hagendorf has helped homeowners across San Antonio restore and revitalize their decks, breathing new life into faded, damaged wood. Hagendorf is an expertin his field – his knowledge related to cleaning and sealing wood is unmatched. The deck-building industry may have changed over the years, but Hagendorf’s dedication to his trade and commitment to his customers has never wavered.Special stripping, brightening and resealing procedures are all unique to Deck & Patio Care business in every way. All jobs start with proper cleaning procedures. A stripping agent is then used to remove any previous sealers and any dirt, mildew, or mold directly below the sealer layer of wood. A wood brightener is applied to restore and enhance your deck’s natural beauty and then the sealing process begins. The results are beautiful – an old, faded deck is transformed into a bright and welcoming outdoor space your whole family can enjoy.Over the years, Hagendorf has noted some significant changes in the deck building industry. Cedar is a popular choice for many builders. The qualities of natural cedar are well known, but the industry has begun to use “new growth” cedar due to a push for sustainable forestry. This “new growth” cedar grows fast – faster than an “old growth” cedar tree which means that the pulp layer between the rings is softer.“The wood is just not as strong,” explained Hagendorf. “And what makes it an even bigger problem is that this pulp cannot handle the Texas sun. The sun can penetrate the pulp – even through sealer.”When encountering this “new growth” cedar, Deck & Patio Care uses an oil-based penetrating sealer and then returns to the customer’s home for a recoat in six months for no additional charge.“It’s the best and only way I’ve found to take care of this specific kind of wood,” explained Hagendorf. “You can still get probably 25 years out of that wood...the biggest change is that it just requires more maintenance.”Another change Hagendorf has observed is the use of acrylic sealers.“When an acrylic sealer is applied only to the top of a deck, with nothing sealing the ends, bottoms or sides, rain will be absorbed quickly,” he explained. “The board acts as a straw and that acrylic coating on top will lock the moisture into the wood causing it to rot three times faster. It may look pretty, but it will not help the life of your deck.”In his line of work, Hagendorf is coming across more and more decks with acrylic sealers. The best way he has found to remove the seal is by using a diamond bit sanding tool.“The business has gotten much more complicated,” explained Hagendorf. “There’s no books that teach us any of this, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to care for these decks. I’ve been doing this for a long time, and we will do what it takes to get that wood in the best condition possible before properly sealing it.”Creating beautiful outdoor living spaces.Hagendorf started his business, Deck & Patio Care, in 1982. The passion he still has for his field stems from a personal experience he had all those years ago. Hagendorf wanted to seal his own deck, but when he sought out the best methods to clean and seal wood, he couldn’t find any reliable information.“Basically, it was only the manufacturers selling sealers that were guaranteeing they were the best,” explained Hagendorf. “And it’s still like that today – but what are they guaranteeing? The life of the wood? That it won’t rot? That your deck will last longer? That’s just not possible.”Hagendorf decided to dig deeper. He sought out the National Forestry Service and under the Freedom of Information Act, he was provided research related to the life and care of wood.“Research shows that if you use an oil-based penetrating sealer that follows the dry cell structure line and apply it to the wood every 12-18 months – and eventually every other year – you can increase the life of the deck to 30-50 years,” Hagendorf explained. “When you factor it in, the cost of building a new deck doubles every eight years. Sealing a deck correctly just makes good sense.”Experts in large and small restoration projects.As we now enter the hottest part of the summer, if you’re noticing that your deck is a bit lackluster, it’s a great time to contact Hagendorf and his talented crew at Deck & Patio Care. The South Texas sun is unforgiving – especially for a wooden deck. Deck & Patio Care can also provide cleaning and sealing solutions for your deck railings, arbors, fences, flagstone, pebblestone and limestone. There’s not job too big or too small and Hagendorf can’t wait to show you what’s possible when it comes to restoring the natural beauty of your deck.“When you start a business, it’s like building an engine, and you have to keep that engine going,” said Hagendorf. “And the reason I do what I do is really all about the people. I like meeting our customers, explaining what we can do for them, and then delivering on my word.Deck & Patio CareBy Barry Hagendorf210-822-9147www.deckandpatiocare.comSeptember 2022www.stoneoakhighlights.com9

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