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Hello Darkness My Old FriendYum++Great for teacher appreciation, PTA meetings or just for the family!San Antonio- Stone Oak700 E. Sonterra Blvd San Antonio, TX 78258(210) 495-2253Back To School Special!$5 OFFa $10 PurchaseExpires 9/30/2022(cake only. Limit 1 offer per visit)Valid only at the Stone Oak location.ORDER ONLINE! WE DELIVER!NothingBundtCakes.comSandy Greenwood and Arthur “Art” Garfunkel.IBy Sonny Melendrezt was their first week at Columbia University in New York when Sandford “Sandy” Greenberg and Arthur “Art”Garfunkel met.As roommates, they made a pact toalways be there for each other in times of trouble, no matter the extreme.A few months later, Sandy began to lose his vision, eventually going blind when glaucoma destroyed his optic nerves.The son of Jewish immigrants with no money to help him, Sandy had to drop out of college and give up his dream of becoming an attorney, returning home to Buffalo, New York.He plunged into depression, refusing to talk to anybody.Then, one day, Arthur flew in, saying he had to talk to him.“You’re gonna come back, aren’t you?” “No. There is no conceivable way!” Garfunkel insisted, “Look I don’t thinkyou get it. I need you back there. That’s the pact we made together: we would be there for the other in times of crises. I will helpyou.”Upon returning to the university, Sandybecame dependent on Arthur’s help, walking him to class, bandaging him up when he fell, reading to him and filling out graduate school applications.To show empathy, Garfunkel called himself, “Darkness,” changing his entire life to accommodate his friend.One day, as they were standing in the middle of Grand Central Station, Art said that he had leave for an assignment, abandoning Sandy in the middle of a crowd.Trying to make his way to the train back to the university, he bumped into passengers, knocking over cups of coffee and even fell, cutting his forehead.Once on campus, Sandy heard an apology from a familiar voice. Garfunkel had never left his side, watching his friend the entire time.The experience led to real independence.Sandy graduated and later, studied for a master’s degree at Harvard and Oxford.Athletic Performance TrainingThis program focuses on the fundamentals of strength, speed, agility, and power while educating the athletes on the importance of properform. This is a great opportunity for beginner, intermediate and/or advanced level athletes.Snap code to reaister online today!For more information contact Osiris Estrada at assistance (up to 30%) is available.MAYS FAMILY YMCA AT STONE OAK • 21654 Blanco Rd. • - continued on page 14 The Great Pupkin PetCostume ContestHalloween costume! The more creative, the better!As thoughyour pet isn’tcute enoughalready, justpicture himorherinaHalloweencostume! Wecan’t waitto see your Spiderpug, Superpup, Batcat, and more dressed up to enjoy Halloween! Submit your pet Halloween photo today!For more information, you can call(210) 548-6448.BIt’salmosttimetostartthinkingabout your Halloween Costume this year! And don’t forget about your pet! Highlights Publications invites you to send in a photo of your pet dressed to the nines for the spooky Halloween season! Whether you choose sweet, spooky or fun, we want to see your pet in his or her best Halloween garb!Submit your name, pet’s photo, pet’s name and a description of his or her costume to contest@stoneoakhighlights. com by September 12, 2022 along with your contact information. We will print the photos of our top selections in the October issue of Highlights Publications. One grand prize winner will be selected and receive $50!Remember always make sure your pet is comfortable and safe when choosing ay Alissa ReinhardSeptember 5

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