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   ~ Japanese Tea Garden
 By Caroline Turney
A ccording to a 2020 study from the International Journal of Environmental Health Research, spending just 20 minutes a day in a fresh- air green space improves feelings of well- being. While some people may have the resources to travel to faraway places for a multi-sensory expedition, others of us may find that time, health/safety, and financial constraints leave us searching for options
closer to home.
Located in the Brackenridge Park area,
The San Antonio Japanese Tea Garden offers the feel of an exotic excursion without the hassle and cost of long-distance travel. In fact, admission is free. So, grab your sunglasses, put on your rambling shoes, and follow me on an outdoor adventure to the orient—right in your own backyard. Oh, and feel free to bring your dog, if your furry friend is wearing a collar and leash.
We’ll begin with a leisurely stroll along paved trails with plenty of shade from dense vegetation with 90 years of history, shaping this once abandoned quarry from a blight into a beauty. Now, take a deep breath—rich with oxygen from the surrounding plants—and exhale slowly as you gaze at the order and beauty of the carefully manicured shrubs which seem to offer balance to the chaos of the rapidly-
changing world beyond the garden gates. As we continue our walk, tune your ears to the music of nature. Listen to the birds. Let their song harmonize with the beating of your own heart and the life-giving sound of air filling your lungs. Now, turn your gaze toward the cool water of the pond. Watch the koi moving in and out of the lily blooms as they appear like swimming pieces of confetti glass, floating effortlessly within the rhythm of simplicity. Observe the order of the stacked-rock structures and flowing bridge as they offer the wisdom of a thousand years from the land of the rising
A few more steps, and we will be at the
garden’s crowning glory. Do you hear it yet? Countless particles of water dancing joyfully over a 60-foot cascade of moss-covered rocks in a glorious freefall toward the cool and inviting aqua-marine pool below. As you take in the waterfall, remember that water follows a cycle, as does life. Sometimes it moves upward, and sometimes it falls toward the earth. But it always comes back around if we release ourselves to the ebbs and the flows of the journey.
If you’ve worked up an appetite, let’s stop in the Jingu House Café for authentic Asian cuisine as well as some American favorites and a variety of hot and cold
Photo By: Oscar Moreno Photography
teas. The café is located within the garden and offers covered outdoor dining with stunning views of the grounds.
No reservation is needed to enjoy the cost-free garden. Currently, hours are from 7 a.m. until 5 p.m. daily. San Antonio Park
regulations require visitors to follow city guidelines for social distancing. Check for updates. The garden is located at 3853, N. St. Mary’s St., San Antonio, TX 78212.
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