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   P arents introduce their children to all types of new hobbies and skills. There are plenty of opportunities
to open kids’eyes to the world around them. One of the more useful lessons parents can teach their children is how to cook.
Knowing how to cook is a vital skill that can help children become more independent and ensure they know how to survive later in life on their own. So many young adults go off to college without the ability to do more than power up a microwave or boil noodles. Ordering takeout all the time is expensive, and frozen dinners often lack the nutrition of homemade dishes. Learning how to cook a
variety of foods at an early age can lay the foundation for a lifetime of healthy eating and fun in the kitchen.
Parents can encourage children who show early inclinations in the kitchen, but also help reluctant learners to develop some basic cooking skills. Here are some ways to make cooking something kids can look forward to.
• Involve children in meal planning. Get input from your children about what they might like to see on the menu. While there may be some items that are expected, including comfort foods like mac-and- cheese, parents may be surprised at how
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