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   How To Listen To Life
IBy Sonny Melendrez
n 1897, a musicologist and music critic for the New York Tribune, named Henry Krehbeil, wrote a book titled,
“How to Listen to Music.” Henry said it was for the “untaught lovers of the art.”
Perhaps, that is what many of us may be: untaught lovers of the art of life.
And, just as Krehbeil’s eloquent explanation of each instrument’s role in the resulting harmony gave his readers a newly found interest in the concerto, so too, can we become better listeners of our daily experience.
When we listen to the world around us, we see things that suddenly have brighter colors of clarity, giving their place in our life more importance and appreciation.
Similar to a finely tuned musical performance, each day can bring the sound of highs and lows, providing meaningful contrast to the entire recital.
It’s the difference between merely hearing the confusing sounds of an array of instruments and actually, living in our personal concert.
It’s amazing what we can see when we close our eyes.
I’ve heard it said that to truly be happy, you must have 3 things: Something to do, someone to love and something to look forward to.
Something to do refers to purpose. When you have a purpose you have the satisfaction of knowing that you matter, that you are giving back and making a difference.
Someone to love is someone to care about. Love of another soul transcends all the names we give our relationships. We are never without the opportunity to direct our warmth toward another. And, sometimes someone to love and care for becomes our something to do.
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    be whatever may give you joy in the future. Whether it’s climbing the highest mountain or just climbing into bed with a good book, the anticipation that you’ll soon be delighting in the event, no matter how simple, can make you smile with anticipation.
All the while, we pray for those we care about, for those who are hurting and for ourselves. We ask the God we believe in to give us strength and guidance.
The greatest prayer we can offer is simply to say “thank you.” Thank you for the abundance of what matters most. Thank you for letting us notice the goodness that surrounds us.
Like Henry Krehbiel, we must become critics by his definition: “A critic’s job is to separate excellence from defect. He should excite curiosity, arouse interest, and pave the way to comprehension.”
That’s when we truly hear the symphony. That’s how we listen to life.
Sonny Melendrez is
an award-winning
motivational speaker,
Hall of Fame radio/TV
host and author, based
in San Antonio. For more
of his enthusiastic brand of inspiration and speaking information, visit his official site:
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By Alissa Reinhard
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