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quality of life. For example, the Harvard Medical School notes that regular exercise can slow the natural decline in physical performance that occurs as people age. That means routine exercise can serve as something like a fountain of youth that allows people to keep their cardiovascular fitness, metabolism and muscle function on par with their younger counterparts.
When attempting to improve long- term health, it’s important that people emphasize mental health as much as they do their physical health. The Anxiety &
and anxiety. In regard to mental health, prevention efforts can function in much the same way that exercise serves physical health. Routine exercise helps people to maintain healthy weights, reducing their risk for various conditions and diseases. Preventive efforts designed to improve mental health can significantly reduce a person’s risk for anxiety and depression.
Various techniques and strategies can be utilized to promote mental health, and these three are simple and highly effective.
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SBy Tracy Peters
an Antonio is known for its historical landmarks. Tourists visit downtown to experience the city’s
true foundations. With over a million living in San Antonio, it is surprising that many have never visited San Antonio Missions National Historical Park. Established in the early 1700’s, Spanish colonies’ purpose was to protect their empire and spread Christianity.
Mission San José is also known as Queen of the Missions. This large church is famous for its rose ornate window and was founded in 1720. Mission Concepción is the oldest unrestored stone church in America and was founded in 1716. Mission Espada is a church that was burned in the 1800’s, but the remains are still holding strong with its church bells located in the front, founded in 1731. Mission San Juan was used for cattle and farming, founded in 1731. The most well known of the missions is the Alamo,
I3 Strategies To Protect Mental Health
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San Antonio de Valero, which was a vital monument during the Texas Revolution and was founded in 1718.
In the United States, San Antonio Missions is the largest compilation of Spanish colonial monuments. Best part of all is that admission is free! Hours, tour schedule, and updates are on their website,
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mproving one’s overall health and Depression Association of America notes maintaining that health over the long the importance and effectiveness of haul can have a profound impact on preventive efforts in relation to depression
Mission San Jose

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