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August 2021
FROM 70’S, 80’S, 90’S, 2000’s. Motown, pop, rock and country music.
• Weddings • Reunions
• Corporate Events • Quinceneras
Your guests will be entertained by recording artists and Grammy nominated musicians.
(210) 837-2763
Father, Oh how 30 years Fly Now is a time to Reflect not Cry
Father, you have been grinding your entire Life
Born in Detroit, your childhood was full of Strife
You have worked for everything it was never Given
At 18 years you decided to enlist in the U.S. Navy
And have stayed Driven
You started as an E1 waxing Floors Now 30 years later the Enlisted are knocking atyourDoors
Father, even though with the Navy you are through
You must not forget what the Navy has Given You
The Navy paid for your Degree The Navy has given you
a World to See
The Navy has given you Friends
Far and Wide
All you have to do is pick up the phone and they will Arrive
The Navy has given you a Home The Navy has tried it’s best
to make sure you didn’t feel so Alone
Most importantly the Navy has given you
the Love of your Life We call her Mom
You call her Wife
Father, we know you feel Broken Father we know you feel Old Just know we your children have learned a Lot from the stories you’ve Told
Long Covid- continued from page 6
Long Covid can still occur. Some common symptoms can be fatigue, depression, anxiety, insomnia, and changes in heart rate and blood pressure.
A private Facebook group called “Long Covid Survivors” was created by Ramey to bring people together for awareness and support. Ramey wants those who feel ostracized by work and doctors to
Diet - continued from page 10 hypertensionshouldcutbackonit.Choose fresh fruit and salads for appetizers, and ask that foods be prepared without salt or MSG. Snack before you leave
Don’t skip meals on the day you will be
And the Movies you’ve Showed
Father, you have taught us to be Leaders To Stand Out from the Crowd Don’t worry, you don’t have to say It
Father, we are not the only ones who owe you Thanks
Your country owes you one too Because for 30 years you have bled Red White and Blue
Honor • Courage • Commitment runs in your Veins
Just so you know, UncleSam Thanksyou
for All of your Pain
Sailor, we All love you
sooo very much, you are a Hero
to us All
Everyone knows you have been a Rock for Our Country
and Family
We will Never let you Fall
Well father you have Retired and are finally Free
Let me just remind you of the one thing
you have Always told me “Son, the man upstairs has a plan for you.”
Dad, as you Embark on the next chapter of this
Beautiful thing called Life
No need to be lonely
Just remember
“The man upstairs has a plan for you too, and has gifted you a wife”
Thanks for Everything DOC Daniel Olivia Christine KaChenChai
have a place to go online where others can relate. With her husband, she created a ribbon shaped pin and brochures to spark conversation and spread awareness, which are complimentary for everyone. Those who would like more information can reach Ramey at PacsWeCare@Gmail. com.
eating out. Also, have a nutritious, light snack before going to the restaurant to fend off extreme hunger pangs that can lead to overeating once you are at the restaurant.
30 Years To Our Loving Father From Your Children

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