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 Magna Painting Stone Oak:
At Every
 By Alissa Reinhard
 I t’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do painted to ensure the longevity of the paint.
 to transform a room. Painting can completely refresh, brighten, and lighten your home...and the best part is, a little goes a long way. Painting is an affordable alternative to more extensive
remodels and can instantly create a whole new look. At Magna Painting Stone Oak, owner Efrain Menchaca and his team prides themselves on great craftsmanship and excellent quality painting.
Menchaca opened Magna Painting Stone Oak in 2019. When the pandemic hit, just months later, Menchaca closed up shop as the entire country dealt with the unknown. It was tough – but he was able to hang on, and as we all came to terms with our “new normal,” Menchaca found that his services were in high demand.
“I think because so many people were spending so much time at home, they started to realize how much they wanted to get done,” explained Menchaca. “It’s been really rewarding to help our clients’ achieve their goals.”
As the owner of Magna Painting, Menchaca is very hands-on. He enjoys communicating with the homeowner, walking them through the process, and making sure that all parties are satisfied.
“I actually have paint on my hands right now,” he said, with a laugh.“You don’t always see that with other painting companies. “My employees know the level of expectation I have and I set the bar high. I think our clients appreciate that.”
Menchaca’s team is also comprised of all hourly employees rather than subcontractors.
“I don’t use subcontractors because I don’t think the quality is there,” explained Menchaca. “My team is motivated to do the job right and they don’t cut corners.”
Magna Painting serves Stone Oak and all surrounding areas. Menchaca and his team offer residential interior painting including painting of walls and ceilings, baseboards, cabinet refinishing, popcorn removal, furniture staining, drywall repair, and more.
“Cabinet refinishing is a very popular service we offer,” explained Menchaca. “It’s a great way to
make a really big difference in your home
without a huge remodel.”
Color Selections
Custom Exterior
New Home Interiors
Before Menchaca begins a project – no matter how big or how small – he ensures that he is on the same page with every homeowner.
“My expectations on my painting projects are extremely high, therefore most of my business
is return customers and word of mouth,” he explained. “The only way to build a successful painting business is to make sure your quality surpasses the competition and I believe we have that covered.”
At Magna Painting, payment is not required until the job is complete. Why? It’s a policy that Menchaca established to build trust with his customers, and it’s one that he sticks by.
“I’ve heard so many horror stories about clients who have paid before the job is done and the individual never shows back up,” he stated. “We are committed to every job and want to make sure our client is completely satisfied.”
“I had my pool deck sanded and stained in the color I wanted,” wrote Jay Raimond, a satisfied Magna Painting client. “Efrain is the easiest person to relate to when you are explaining what you want done and the people that work for him are professionals and caring. Everything was well done. I decided to have my house deck sanded and stained in the same color and everything exceeded my expectations. Very good outcome and I highly recommend Magna Painting of Stone Oak for your paint or stain need. I felt like I was a part of their family.”
Magna Painting is a family-business in the making. Menchaca has big dreams to expand his team so that he can take on more clients while delivering the same high level of workmanship to homeowners. He hopes that soon, his wife can join the team, and one day, he’ll have a business to pass down to his children.
“We started passing out flyers, pushing the kids in the double stroller with my oldest on a scooter and we’ve come a long way since then,” said Menchaca. “I’m excited
to see what the future holds and I’m humbled by the many clients who have trusted us and passed on
our name to their neighbors and friends.”
Magna Painting Stone Oak
San Antonio, Texas
OWNERS Stephanie and Efrain Menchaca
    Exterior painting services offered by Magna Painting also include wood siding, stucco, patios, pagodas, decks, garage doors, carports, eaves, French doors, gates, playhouses, shutters, storage, window bars, and more. And for every exterior painting
job, Magna Painting will apply mildew remover, pressure wash, scrape peeling paint, and caulk all areas prior to being
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