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 Do You Or A Loved One Struggle With Memory Issues?
Grow Your Brain Younger Through Neurofeedback
y Dr. Sunita Punjabi
thought and take an action. Scientist now know that the brain can keep learning and growing as long as we live. That means that our brains are not fixed or stuck to function a certain way. We can actually grow our brains younger!
Dr. Sunita Punjabi
The Brain Coach Specializes in Neurofeedback
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  o you or a loved one struggle with memory issues? Do you have a child or parent that cannot seem
to focus or struggles to finish something? This may be signs of a variety of mental challenges, the most common is ADD or Dementia.
In 2018, I was actually told my brain was shrinking. Because of a car accident, I did an MRI of my brain to see if there was strain on my neck. In the process of doing the exam, the doctor noted that my brain was a smaller size than most people my age. To me this meant Dementia. I was actually told that there was no cure!
Think about this, if part of your body is sick at least you know... but if you lose your brain...well you will not even know that it is
I prayed about it and remembered that
I had studied and trained in the science of neuroplasticity. This meant that the brain is plastic and could grow. New brain cells can be made reversing memory loss and focus. The first thing I did was to get a brain map (a qEEG) to see where my brain was struggling.
Today, my doctoral work focuses on using technology and teaching methods to help the brain grow new neurons and train the brain to be more effective. Through the science of neuroplasticity, we know every time we learn something new, learn a new habit or think a new way, we actually build a new brain pathway. The brain has highways or roads that thoughts travel. The brain uses these pathways every time we think a
Call my office and mention this article to get 1⁄2 off the Brain Map. Find out where your brain can be trained be optimized.
    Meals Served Milestone: NEISD Surpasses Two Million Mark
TBy Alissa Reinhard
he School Nutrition Services team at North East ISD hit an impressive milestone on June 8, officially
serving more than two million meals since campus closures began March 16. The District’s mission to provide healthy meals to students has remained a top priority during
  the COVID-19 health crisis. Cafeteria staff distributed meals through curbside pickup and collaborated with the Transportation Department to deliver meals on Fresh Express bus routes.
“When we first started it was hard to imagine we would get to two million,” said
School Nutrition Services have served, packaged and delivered over two million meals since the COVID-19 pandemic closed schools in March.
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   Sharon Glosson, NEISD’s Executive Director of School Nutrition Services. “Day after day they have worked so hard to pack the meals, provide food for the kids and offer a sense of normalcy for them. I think it just shows the dedication they have for us to be able to reach that mark across dozens of campuses and on buses.”
When schools closed back in March, the School Nutrition Services team at NEISD was forced to undergo a huge transition. However, their goal remained the same – to provide nutritious meals for children.
“How we achieved that goal looks different now,” Glosson explained. “Instead of serving meals in the traditional cafeteria setting, serving kids face-to-face, we transitioned to a grab-and-go model. We’ve had curbside meal pick-ups available at as many as 29 sites. And we began distributing meals using our school busses. At one point, we had over 40 stops. We really just tried to look at the District as a whole, making sure we were hitting a variety of areas.”
Not only did NEISD School Nutrition Services work tirelessly to ensure that no child would go hungry, they also made the curbside pickups and meal deliveries fun, dressing up and adhering to weekly themes.
“Our staff is so creative and they love to have fun,” said Glosson. “They just wanted to make a bad situation a little brighter. We have heard from so many parents about
how their kids look forward to picking up their meals. It is the highlight of their day, and in some cases, the only time they are leaving the house. It has provided a sense of normalcy.”
Many people don’t realize how many children rely on schools for nutrition on a daily basis. NEISD serves students breakfast, lunch and supper during each school day. In a normal economy these meals are relied upon, so with the onset of the pandemic and rising unemployment rates, even more families have been looking to School Nutrition Services as a much needed resource.
“In the beginning of the pandemic, if you remember, there were also shortages of staple items,”Glosson said.“Families couldn’t find milk for their children. We were able to provide them those things when they really needed them.”
Although no one is quite sure how the new school year will look, Glosson and her talented staff are up to the challenge. Amidst the uncertainty, Glosson is grateful that School Nutrition Services has been able to be there for the community when they have needed it most.
“We have gotten to know so many families, even those that don’t attend NEISD schools,” Glosson explained. “We really care about these kids and we will continue to do everything we can to make sure they’re taken care of.”
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