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                               Orlando Janet Ann Marie Layne Thomas Chad David Cortes, MD Rowe, MD Straight, MD Jenson, MD Novak, MD Best, MD Jones, MD
Meet Our Pediatric Subspecialists
When a child or adolescent is experiencing a severe traumatic or chronic health condition, the advanced training of a pediatric subspecialist is a needed tool
in the treatment protocol.
BHS Physicians Network realized this. Then recruited physicians accredited in the pediatric subspecialties most needed by our growing community: pediatric gastroenterology, pediatric orthopedics, pediatric nephrology, pediatric urology, pediatric endocrinology, and as of this fall, pediatric infectious diseases.
Collective Power: Individually, each physician’s credentials impress. Collectively, they set a new standard of care as a pediatric subspecialty dream team:
South Texas Pediatric Specialists.
Affiliated with Baptist Children’s Hospital at North Central Baptist
August 2020
 540 Madison Oak Dr., #620, San Antonio, TX
􏰀 210-640-1630
525 Oak Centre Dr., #350, San Antonio, TX
􏰀 210-640-1644
540 Madison Oak Dr., #500, San Antonio, TX
􏰀 210-812-5810
525 Oak Centre Dr., #350, San Antonio, TX
 􏰀 210-890-5444
19016 Stone Oak Pkwy., #200, San Antonio, TX
􏰀 210-490-0353

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