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I Know I Need A Will, But I Don’t Know Where To Begin
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       IBy Kathleen Cassidy Goodman, PLLC
n these uncertain times, many of us are suddenly faced with the reality of our own mortality. Putting off
preparing your Will is something most people do for years and even decades. But with the Corona Virus situation, more and more people are coming to the realization that putting off the preparation of their Will has gone on far too long.
Even though you may have decided that it is time to stop the procrastination, a new excuse frequently emerges, namely, “I don’t know what the attorney will need to prepare my Will.” Most people believe they need to gather all of their important papers, deeds, account balances, and itemize all of their valuables prior to meeting with the attorney. This is not necessary.
For the initial consultation, the only thing the attorney will need is your presence. At the initial meeting you and the attorney will discuss your family structure, your assets in general terms, and to whom you want to leave your assets. It is relatively painless and generally takes about 30 minutes to outline what needs to be done for your personal situation.
Based on your conversation with the attorney, most Wills can be prepared
without any other documentation being presented to the attorney. Occasionally, if you have numerous pieces of jewelry, art, or collections that you want distributed to different individuals, then you may have some “homework” before your Will can be prepared.
If your only specific distributions involve sentimental gifts, such as Grandma’s pink quilt or pictures of long-deceased family members, then we provide a blank form for you to take home with you to fill in these gifts. In this Memorandum of Personal Belongings, you can handwrite the sentimental gifts and the name of the
individual you want to receive each gift.
In our office and in most attorney’s offices, the initial consultation is now taking place via Zoom or by telephone. However, it is necessary to come into the office to
actually sign your Will.
Kathleen Cassidy Goodman is an attorney
in areas of estate planning, probate, civil litigation,
and business law. She can be reached at her office in Helotes at (210) 949-1000 or for more information, visit
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