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 Meet Laura Palma – The Bank of San Antonio’s Newest Relationship Manager
y Alissa Reinhard
 aura Palma has spent her entire career in banking in almost every role imaginable. Her experience,
dedication and passion for the financial industry has led her to her newest role, Relationship Manager at The Bank Of San Antonio, assisting business owners with their banking and lending needs.
“I enjoy being a resource to business owners in our community,” Laura said.
Laura was born in California, but moved to San Antonio in 2006. She has 24 years of diverse banking experience and she is always pushing herself to learn more. Laura is currently enrolled at Northeast Lakeview College where she is majoring in Business Administration and recently completed coursework in Accounting. Most recently, Laura was part of a special team at The Bank of San Antonio delegated with the task of assisting local business owners with
their applications for Paycheck Protection Program funds, a forgivable loan designed to provide a direct incentive for small businesses to keep their workers on the payroll.
“Being of service to others is so important to me,” Laura explained. “Even more so during these challenging times. I have never met a stranger. I enjoy learning peoples’ stories and connecting on what matters most.”
Laura is also passionate about giving back to her community and finding ways to pay it forward. She is an active member of Holy Trinity Catholic Church, she teaches financial literacy at Dress for Success, is a Ronald McDonald House volunteer, and has helped facilitate multiple toy drives for the San Antonio Police Officers Association. She is also an Ambassador for the philanthropic networking organization, Stone Oak Ladies
Business Association.
Laura is a proud boy mom to four-year-
old son, Randy Jr. Her days are filled with water balloon fights and building new ramps for Randy’s Hot Wheels...and she wouldn’t have it any other way. Laura lost her husband and the love of her life, Randy Sr., to pancreatic cancer in 2019. She is always looking to find the light within the darkness of her loss.
“I honor my husband’s memory by living life to the fullest with our son,” Laura said. “We are only on this earth temporarily. I try and do it very intentionally. This is shaping me by helping me to build a legacy of purpose and passion by being a light and service to others.”
Laura can be reached via email at Laura. or her direct line at (210) 807-5597.
   Kylee Norman Named Johnson Female Athlete Of The Year
 BIy Alissa Reinhard
n June, rising junior Kylee Norman
was named Johnson High School
Female Athlete of the Year. Kylee has been playing basketball most of her life. The game challenges her every single day, which is what she loves most about it.
“I’m always working to make myself better,” Kylee said. “Basketball doesn’t only shape me as an athlete, but as a person. It makes me better off the court.”
Being named Athlete of the Year is one of Kylee’s proudest accomplishments. Kylee also plays club basketball and softball at
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table that has been set up in front of the library, under a canopy. Since children can’t enjoy the library setting like normal, Parman has found ways to make curbside fun.
“When patrons approach the table to pick up their items, they are greeted by a huge cutout of a purple dragon that is blowing flames across the windows and front doors with the word ‘Imagine’ in bold text written on it,” described Kwiatkowski. “This is a fanciful reminder that Summer Reading is still alive and that the Parman
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“It really was a huge team effort amongst the student trainers because we were a small group of 12 people compared to the football program,” explained Angie. “But there is so much to love about training.
I love taking care of people.”
Angie’s proudest athletic
accomplishment during high school was when she was selected as a trainer for the All-American Bowl, her first experience in a professional setting as a trainer.
“It was such an amazing experience and I’m so blessed to have been invited,” Angie described. “It took a lot of hard work and long hours but it was worth it. It gave me a
Johnson. Her goal is to continue playing basketball in college.
“It’s been my goal for a long time,” she said. “It’s my dream.”
Due to the restrictions on athletics, it’s been some time since Kylee has been able to see her team. Kylee has been participating in virtual camps, practicing in her backyard, and fortunately was able to play in a few club tournaments. However, she can’t wait to be back on the court with the Jaguars. She looks forward to the day when they can all be together again.
Library wants everyone to participate, bringing a sense of normalcy to these challenging times. As children wait, they can participate in chalk activities, hopscotch trails and say hello to their favorite stuffed animals waving to them from the window, all of which have masks on and are practicing social distancing.”
Encino Branch Library’s curbside pick-up process is quite similar to Parman’s.
“We want to convey the message to our community that we are still here for them as
firsthand look at what it would be like as a career path. It was a really great opportunity.” Angie is inspired by her mom who pushes her to step outside her comfort zone while always supporting and encouraging
“She is so strong and tough,” Angie said,
of her mom. “She is always pushing me to be better and drives me to keep doing what I’m doing. I wouldn’t have started training if she hadn’t pushed me to outside of my comfort zone and try something new. She is truly an amazing woman and I aim to be just like her as I grow up.”
“Our coaches have done an amazing job keeping us all connected,” said Kylee. “Last year, we made it to the first round of the playoffs and this year our goal is to go further..”
Kylee is inspired by her grandfather, who sadly passed away a few years back.
“He always wanted the best for me,” Kylee described. “I don’t want to let him down.”
a resource for information, entertainment and ideas,” said Michelle Ricondo, Encino Branch Library Manager. “We are only a phone call away.”
Nine SAPL branches also are offering computer use by appointment and free wi-fi is available outdoors.
While no one is quite sure what the future holds or when the library can return to normal operations, Kwiatkowski and Ricondo are grateful that their libraries can still be of service to the community.
“As much as we miss our patrons,
it might take a while to see the branch again as a bustling community activity,” Kwiatkowski said. “Even in the ‘new normal,’ we may not be going back to the way things were before COVID-19. Parman staff does look forward to the day when we can have face-to-face interaction again. Whether it is programming or library-related assistance with safety precautions and space distancing observed, it is always rewarding to experience the positive energy from a productive interaction.”
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