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 SASLO: Guidance For Seniors & Their Families Provided By Lidia
LBy Alissa Reinhard
idia Negrila has dedicated her career and much of her life to caring for seniors. She has worked
in nearly every facet of the senior living industry, from caregiver to owner and operator of multiple personal care homes for over 17 years. Over the years, Lidia has served as a compassionate, kind and a constant presence in the lives of many seniors. It’s an honorable career that she truly loves and it shines through in her work. Lidia’s reputation in the senior care industry is unparalleled.
“When I first moved to the United States from Romania, it was difficult to find work because I didn’t speak English,” Lidia explained. “I began working as a caregiver in a personal care home and I knew that I had found what I was meant to do.”
Four years ago, Lidia began to realize that there was an unmet need in her line of work. Families with aging parents and grandparents were looking for care for their loved ones but they didn’t know where to begin or who to ask for help. That’s when Lidia decided that her knowledge and experience were perfect for building bridges between families and personal care homes and even larger senior living facilities in San Antonio. In 2016, Lidia founded San Antonio Senior Living Options (SASLO) to help connect families to senior living communities across the city.
“I decided that I could be a great resource for families, helping them find the best options for their loved ones,”
By Alissa Reinhard
W hen it comes to flattening the curve, it’s important that we all take the necessary steps to stay safe and healthy, protecting ourselves and others. And while many of our normal summer activities have been canceled or postponed, a few local businesses are finding new, socially distant ways for
families to have fun.
EVO Entertainment and Rooftop Cinema
Club are bringing back a classic – drive-in movies.
“Like virtually every business out there, the pandemic has pushed us to expand our thinking and get creative in how we operate,” said Mitch Roberts, CEO of EVO Entertainment Group. “The EVO® Drive- In experience was created to provide our communities with a cinematic escape, and keep our team members working in this age of social-distancing.”
Located in Schertz, the EVO Drive-In experience just kicked of its Summer Drive- In Film Fest, a five-week series of classic films curated and hosted by actor Anthony Michael Hall. Moviegoers are welcome to bring lawn chairs if they’d like to sit outside of their vehicle. EVO also offers mobile
explained Lidia.
It’s so important, when searching for
senior care, to have a trusted source to rely upon. Someone who can compare facilities, help you weigh the pros and cons and make an honest recommendation from the heart as to where your family member will receive the best possible care. Lidia is honored to take on that role for families each and every day.
“SASLO can help in almost every situation,” explained Lidia. “We listen, we ask the right questions and we put the families at ease and give them the support that they need.”
Before helping a family find the best option for their loved one, Lidia first takes into account each senior’s health, the level of care needed, budget and desired location. She assesses each senior individually and works with the family to curate a list of appropriate senior living options. She is with them every step of the way, scheduling tours, setting up meetings with facility owners and caregivers, and always listening and advising with each senior’s best interest at heart.
“It’s all about helping families,” Lidia explained. “Everyone has their own story and I’m just happy that they trust me to help them begin their next chapter.”
In addition to running SASLO, Lidia still continues to work as a caregiver and owns and operates a personal care home of her own. Christine Khetarpal’s father is one of Lidia’s patients.
ordering and contact-free, vehicle-side delivery from a full menu.
“The response has been great,” said Roberts. “The team does an incredible job executing the experience, and our guests are loving being able to get out and have a great time while staying safe.”
Rooftop Cinema Club is also offering a drive-in experience located just outside the front gates of Six Flags Fiesta Texas.
“Driven by our love of film, we are on a mission to transform nights at the movies to cinematic events like no other,” said Gerry Cottle, Owner and Founder of Rooftop Cinema Club. You bring your friends and loved ones, and we’ll bring you city skylines, sunsets, starlit evenings at our drive-ins, awesome drinks, delicious food, and great movies on the big screen.”
Rooftop also offers concessions and food trucks on-site with the ability to order on your phone and pick up for a contactless experience. Guests are also welcome to bring their own food and drinks to help keep costs down.
Sound from the big screen is transmitted directly to your vehicles via FM transponders, and received through your existing FM/
Lidia Negrila with her patients.
“I’m eternally grateful that my father with Alzheimer’s has a loving home to go to,” Christine said. “It’s such a relief to know he’s taken care of by Lidia. I strongly recommend contacting her if you’re in need of respite or a caring home for your loved one.”
SASLO’s services are free to families and seniors. If you are thinking about moving your loved one into a personal care home, senior living facility, assisted living facility, memory care unit, or you’re in need of hospice or respite care, SASLO can help you make the right decision. SASLO is committed
Lidia Negrila, founder of SASLO.
to following CDC guidelines related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Lidia is happy to meet with families virtually, over the phone, via Facetime, email and text. Virtual tours are also available at nearly all the personal care homes and facilities SASLO is connected to.
If you’re interested in learning more about SASLO or connecting with Lidia, please call 210-849-7933 or email or visit
August 2020
AM radio. A portable AM/FM radio can also be used if you want to spare your car battery. Although a drive-in isn’t the same as catching a movie in a crowded theatre on Friday night, it certainly has its own charm.
“There is an energy and a feeling of magic in the air that can only come from the presence of other humans – watching what you’re watching, seeing what you’re seeing,” said Cottle. “You may not have the
audience next to you to feel that energy but we are confident that this new environment of everybody in their cars, hearing the ambient noise of people responding in the distance will be just as blissfully satisfying.”
You can purchase tickets and learn more about both drive-in experiences at and

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