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“Fresh and flavorful, every pizza at Nico’s is hand-tossed and made with love.” Aleena Fuss, Daughter
Alicia Fuss, Owner
better!” said Alicia. “When it comes to pizza, everything is fair game! My personal favorite is the 10” cauliflower crust topped with pepperoni and pineapple. It’s something I could eat every day.”
Fresh and flavorful, every pizza at Nico’s is hand-tossed and made with love. Of course, Nico’s wants to serve up only the best pizza pies possible, but delivering outstanding customer service is just as important as delivering good pizza. Alicia, her children (who also work at the pizzeria) and her friendly staff truly enjoy building relationship with their customers, learning their faces and names, and becoming a part of their lives.
“The friendships that we’ve made, our regular customers – that’s my favorite part of this job,” said Alicia. “It’s personal, it’s about family.”
Located at the corner of Blanco and Midnight Drive, you can also order from the pizzeria directly by calling and view their full menu at Open Monday-Saturday from 12-3 and 5-8 pm. Ask about Free Fry Fridays with the purchase of any pizza and Meatball Mondays featuring Alicia’s famous Italian Meatball Sandwich, fries and a drink for only $9! Military, Veteran and First Responders are welcomed, appreciated and will receive a special discount on any order at Nico’s.
Nico’s looks forward to seeing the smiling faces of customers and friends – old and new – again very soon.
“We are so thankful for our customers who have stuck with us through these challenging times,” said Alicia. “We love serving our community and hope that our food can bring smiles to your dinner table for years to come.”
Nico’s Pizzeria 25020 Blanco Rd San Antonio, TX 78260 210-444-9922
      Pizza. It’s comfort food at its finest. And who couldn’t use a little comfort right about now? Nico’s
Pizza offers customers delicious, inspired and traditional pizza pies made with hand tossed dough, buffalo mozzarella cheese, and fresh toppings like crisp veggies and savory meats.
“Each pizza dough is like a canvas,” explained Alicia Fuss, Owner of Nico’s Pizzeria. “Weird to say, but that’s how I feel. Just like a painting, it’s a new creation every time.”
In June, Nico’s celebrated its first anniver- full year of laughter, new friends and delicious food. However, Nico’s Pizza story actually began three years ago, in 2017, when Alicia and her family were busy moving into their new home, north of 1604 in the Stone Oak area. Tired and hungry, they piled into the car, looking for a place to eat. The family found Mario’s, a local pizzeria, just minutes away on Blanco Rd.
“It was our first meal in our new neighborhood,” said Alicia. “I had no idea that one meal would change our family’s future forever.”
As the family enjoyed their dinner, they met and chatted with the owners. Alicia’s son, Nico, asked if they were hiring, and shortly thereafter, he began working at Mario’s. In the months to follow, Mario’s owners began discussing the possibility of selling their pizzeria and the Fuss’ decided it was the perfect opportunity for their family.
“We decided to buy it and change the name to Nico’s, after my son,” explained Alicia. “It was only fair – Nico working there was the only reason the whole thing fell into place.”
And the rest is history. Right away, the family got to work, developing their own original recipes and inviting neighbors and friends to come to the restaurant to taste test different sauces and cheeses.
“Our menu is a direct reflection of our customers,” Alicia said. “This is their restaurant – we want to create flavors and recipes that they love.”
At Nico’s, it’s the little things that make a big difference. By using creamy, soft buffalo mozzarella – mozzarella made from the milk of Italian Mediterranean buffalo - instead of cow’s milk mozzarella, their pizzas have an unmatched depth of flavor. Nico’s also supports local vendors and farmers, purchasing ingredients from San Antonio’s Mertz Sausage Co. and Miss Scarlett’s Texas Homegrown which means fresher, more flavorful pizzas.
“We also use olive oil, oregano and parmesan garlic for even more flavor,” added Alicia.
Nico’s two most popular pizzas, “The Nico” and “The Blanco” hit the spot every time. “The Nico,” topped with prosciutto, pepperoni, meatballs, bacon, green peppers, mushroom, and red onion topped with creamy ricotta cheese has the perfect balance of flavorful meats and crunchy veggies, hearty and bursting with flavor.
And “The Blanco” is Nico’s spin on a white pizza – a one-of-a-kind creation made with Alfredo sauce as the base and topped with sausage, chicken, bacon, spinach, basil and creamy ricotta.
Nico’s also offers traditional favorites like crispy, cheesy air fried buffalo mozzarella sticks served with house marinara sauce and lightly breaded air fried Hot Wings served with Nico’s secret wing sauce or plain.
“The air fryer helps deliver a lighter, crispier and less greasy finish,” explained Alicia. “Our customers love it.”
And don’t forget to add a crisp and refreshing House Salad to your order, big enough for two featuring fresh, crisp romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, bacon, buffalo mozzarella, dried cranberries and croutons.
Nico’s is happy to accommodate special orders and encourages customers to get creative! If you’re watching your carbs, try their Gluten Free Cauliflower Crust. There is no right or wrong way to pizza! Make it fun, try something new, combine flavors and toppings that you never would think go together – you might surprise yourself.
“Fruit, veggies, meat – the more the
By Alissa Reinhard
     August 2020
Nico Fuss, Son
Allyson Lewis, Mgr.

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