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Mae Fjelsted, Air Force
A Woman Veteran
MSubmitted By Shirley Swift
ae Fjelsted is proud of her service to our country. Born in 1939, in the farming community
of Unionville, Michigan, Mae was a “blue baby,” a condition which could indicate a heart condition, but this was not the case and Mae thrived in the tender care of her mother and family.
After high school, Mae went to Topeka, Kansas to stay with her sister where she met her future husband, Lyle. Lyle was stationed at Forbes Air Force Base. As a child, Mae had always dreamed of joining the Air Force and at age 19, she joined and was sent to Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio, TX for 8 weeks of basic training. She was then assigned to Sheppard Air Force Base, Texas for Tech School to learn data processing.
She was an honor graduate and was then assigned to Headquarters SAC, Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska and worked for the Director of Intelligence. While working at Offutt Air Force Base, she programmed missiles, rockets and bombing sites. Her clearance was higher than Top Secret.
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     During her 2 1/2 years of service, Mae was “Outstanding WAF of the Quarter” from July 7 – Dec 31, 1959, and Airman of the Month in April 1960. Mae’s husband was given orders for England and the closest base she could transfer to was in Germany; it was then she decided to end her military career.
While in England, she gave birth to their only child, a son, who also was in the military and retired as a security police officer. He is currently in charge of security for the Texas National Guard in Bastrop, Texas.
After Mae’s military service, she became interested in Psychology and decided she wanted a career in that field. Under the GI Bill, Mae attended college and earned her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from UTSA and her master’s degree in 1986 from Texas State University, San Marcos. Mae has worked as a school psychologist in San Antonio schools and Villa Rosa Psychiatric Hospital. Mae lost her dear husband in 2015 after 56 1⁄2 years of marriage. “I miss him terribly and am so grateful for the years we had together, and I am so proud to tell people I meet, I am a woman veteran.”
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    John Palmer - American Hero
BJy Shilrley Swift
ohn Palmer has always loved the military, even as a little boy he would watch in awe when Air Force
planes would fly over his home. He knew that one day, somehow, he was going to fly one of those planes.
Born on the island of Malta, a small island below Sicily, John’s father was a former British Military Commander and his mother was Maltese. In 1961 the family migrated to New York City; his father was in construction and there would be better job opportunities in New York City. John adjusted to his new home but he still had that burning desire to fly airplanes. Five years later, on the 6th of October, 1966 he was 18, and he joined
July 2021
 the Army. He was sent for 14 weeks of air flight training at Fort Hood, Texas. After graduating, he was officially a Helicopter pilot. At this time, the United States was at war with Vietnam which officially began on March 8, 1965 when the United States Third Marine Regiment, Third Marine Division, landed at Da Nang, South Vietnam. Two years later, while on a mission in his Huey helicopter, giving convoy support, he was shot down by the Vietcong. This was at Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam. The Army infantry rescued him and his co-pilot but John was shot in the leg and chest while running from
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