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   On The Cover:
ABy Alissa Reinhard
s we celebrate the Fourth of July
founders of our great nation drafted our Constitution and members of our armed services have died defending it.
In this issue of Highlights, we are proud to honor the men and women who have dedicated their lives to serving our great country. It’s a sacrifice that all too often goes without proper recognition or gratitude. So, while you’re enjoying your cookouts and fireworks this Fourth of July, remember and cherish the original
dream of our founders, one nation under God, and the brave individuals who have sacrificed so much to defend that dream.
We hope you enjoy your summer with family and friends.
Celebrating The Red White & Blue
 this and every year, let us not
forget the deeper meaning of Independence Day. The founding of our country, the United States of America, was an unprecedented achievement. America was the first country founded under the ideal that your life, your liberty, and your pursuit of happiness were unalienable rights that belonged to you, and only you, not to a King, or a religious leader, or the state. The
  Honoring Our Military Heroes
         Retired Lt. Colonel in US Air Force
Jon Bender
WSubmitted By Max & Maddie Bender
hen we think of our father, a lot comes to mind. He is a caring, devoted, and loving
soul who consistently demonstrates his passion for helping others. He is a steadfast public servant, a die-hard Star Wars fanatic, and one of the most avid Geocachers you will ever meet. Jon has served in both the Marines and Air Force, completed a tour in Afghanistan, and after a long, well decorated career, retired as a Lieutenant Colonel with 23 years of dedicated service to our country.
He has made countless sacrifices for our nation and for our family in order to ensure that both live free, breathe easy, and enjoy
his Honorable Discharge from the Navy in December 1971 and now he and his family
live in San Antonio. He’ll always be proud to have served in the Navy and his country.
       the very best life has to offer. He is special to us because he always does what’s right, even when it’s hard, and has passed on a wealth of knowledge to us that has helped us succeed in life. It is an absolute pleasure to be able to honor him in this way, and we hope he knows how significant of an impact he has had on our lives. We love you dad!
Retired Army LTC Mike Patterson Serves 24 Years
LSubmitted By Clema Owen - Patterson
ook at this retired Army LTC Mike Patterson, CH-47 Chinook helicopter pilot, who can still wear
his flight suit at age 76! Mike often jokes when telling new acquaintances how that in his 24-year career with the Army that they let him“Go to Vietnam two times!”Of course, we all know that serving in Vietnam was no joke! AsidefromtwotoursinVietnam,Mike was involved in huge logistical operations such as preparing our military entities to deploy for “Desert Shield,” one of the largest operations, logistically that had ever been done. Mike was the holder of a diplomatic black passport to conduct “Foreign Military Sales” in South Korea.
He was the liaison officer in South Korea’s defense procurement agency. He also deployed to the country of Panama to receive and implement the CH-47 Chinook aircraft. This helicopter had never been used in Central or South America.
Thank you, Lieutenant Colonel, for your
    Proud To Serve In The Navy & His
Country - Jose Borrero McCormick
MSubmitted By Lydia Borrero
y husband, Jose Borrero McCormick was drafted in September 1967 at the age of
19 years old and decided he would join the US Navy. He had never left his island of Puerto Rico until then and was sent to boot camp to Great Lakes Navy Training Center. He never owned a coat nor warm clothing, so it was a new experience feeling the
 uncomfortable cold weather.
After boot camp, he served in the
Gulf of Tonkin Vietnam on board the USS America. He volunteered for River Patrol and still remembers the frightening and unnerving experience. He and his brother, Ramon, had Brothers’ Duty and served on two Navy carriers, the USS America CVA66 and the USS Kennedy CVA67. He received
exemplary service to our country as we celebrate the 4th of July!
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