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 : Silly For Sheet Pan Dinners!
  BMy Angie Bridges
y fascination for the sheet pan dinner craze crept up on me pretty innocently. I was
on Pinterest one afternoon and saw a few pictures of some delicious looking food that caught my eye and I dove in. They’re so to make that you can enjoy SPD every night of the week. The possibilities of meals are endless and the cleanup is such a breeze when you line the pan in aluminum foil first. All of these things make me happy in the summer months when the least amount of time I can spend over a hot stove the better.
There is a couple tips that will ensure your success in adopting this cooking method and adapting it to your family’s needs. One is the pan. The proper pan is known as a “half sheet pan”, made of heavy gauge metal and measures about 18 by 13 inches and has a small 1 inch rim... The size is important because it allows for your ingredients to be spread out. Doing so yields a much tastier and roasted end product and conversely crowding ingredients leads to steam which equals mushy food and-definitely not as delicious in my book. Another few tips require you to do a little homework before but it’s very simple- and that is knowing your cooking times (which all recipes should clearly tell you.) Certain veggies like carrots, potatoes,
and sweet potatoes take longer to cook and will go in oven first before softer ones like green beans or mushrooms. This is also the perfect time to play with seasonings.
Be fearless! Use those seasoning blends that are piling up in your spice cabinet. Almost anything goes here. I’ve found myself using my favorite go to SPD recipe and I just switch the flavor profiles every time. Lastly, I always finish my dish before serving with a squeeze of citrus whether it be lemon, lime, grapefruit or even a little balsamic vinegar. Enjoy! Ciao for Now, Angie
Mediterranean Lemon Chicken Bake You’ll Need: 4 chicken leg quarters, 1 small bag fingerling or baby red potatoes (1 1⁄2 lb.) 1⁄2 Cup olive oil, the juice of 2 lemons, divided, 4 TBS Italian seasoning, 1 TBS each salt and pepper, and 1 (12 oz.) package fresh green beans Directions: Preheat oven to 425 degrees and line your baking sheet with foil and lightly spray with olive oil spray. Place your chicken on prepared baking sheet. In a medium bowl combine olive oil, lemon juice, seasoning mix, and salt & pepper and mix well. Add potatoes and coat well. Arrange potatoes around chicken quarters and pour about half of lemon juice mixture over chicken, reserving the rest for later.
Bake for about 30 minutes shaking the pan occasionally to loosen the potatoes and encourage browning. Then use reserved marinade to toss with the green beans. Take pan out of oven and scatter green beans all over top. Return pan to oven and cook for an additional 15 minutes, until the green beans are crisp-tender. (Chicken should be at an internal temperature of 165 degrees).
Angie Bridges is owner of Copa Wine Bar in
Stone Oak along with
her husband, Jeff Bridges. Angie is also the founder of the Taste of the Northside Fiesta event and is the original Queen of the Vine.
   Beautify Your Backyard
IBy Alissa Reinhard
t’s officially summer! Hopefully, you’ve already contacted Deck & Patio Care to restore, repair or refinish your
outdoor space, but if you haven’t, it’s not too late! There’s still plenty of long, summer days and hot summer nights to enjoy the outdoors with your loved ones. Now is still the perfect time to make sure your deck and/or patio is in prime condition, ready to enjoy all summer long.
Who doesn’t want a more beautiful outdoor space to enjoy? A bright, clean wooden deck; a strong and sturdy beautifully stained fence; or a gleaming pebblestone surface poolside can bring your backyard back to life this summer. With over 25 years of experience working on over 10,000 decks and outdoor surfaces, the professionals at Deck & Patio Care can totally rejuvenate your outdoor space.
“We had our deck and play areas restored by Deck and Patio Care this year and we are very pleased,” stated satisfied customer Sara Wilkens. “Previously, another company had tried, and it was a complete mess. Thankfully, we found out about Deck & Patio Care from Angie’s List and were impressed with everything they did. They helped restore the beauty of both areas like we had never seen before.”
Perhaps your pool area needs a bit of a facelift. Pebblestone is a popular pick and may be what you have in your backyard. Did you know that moisture can penetrate the stones and that changing temperatures can expand that moisture, wedging the rocks loose? The experts at Deck & Patio Care have experience in cleaning and sealing pebblestone in order to lock in the stone’s
   natural, wet look.
Or maybe it’s your deck that needs
some TLC. Age can always be a factor, but if cared for properly, your deck could have an extensive lifespan, several decades even. However, unprotected wood only lasts for about 9-14 years. Deck & Patio recommends that you clean the wood on your deck and seal it with an oil-based penetrating sealer to extend its life and beauty. Barry’s Premium Blend is a one-of-a-kind oil-based penetrating sealer designed to look for dry cell structure in the wood and penetrated to the bottom of the cracks, nail holes and knots. The sealer will protect from the surface down, actually stabilizing the cell structure of the wood.
Steve Zercher, another customer, appreciated the thoroughness of the Deck & Patio Care staff and experienced wonderful results.
“Barry came out without a high-pressure sales pitch,” he said. “Instead he was very informative on the process and why they take the steps they do to restore the deck to its full potential. I had my deck cleaned, brightened and sealed. The staff treated the job as if it was their own business and they did a super job. It was done properly at a great price.”
As you probably already know, the harsh climate in South Texas can be detrimental to your outdoor space. The experts at Deck & Patio Care can help you refresh your deck, patio, pool area, fence and more – transforming it into a beautiful place that you can enjoy with loved ones all summer long. Deck & Patio Care (210) 822-9147
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