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 Tooth Be Known Dental Office Membership Plans Versus Dental Insurance-Which is Better?
BTy Dr. Nancy Duque
raditional dental insurance has been around since the 1960s. It really should not be called
insurance because it doesn’t work like most insurance does. Insurance divides dental treatment into 3 categories: Preventive (which includes cleanings, exams and x-rays), Basic (which covers fillings, root canals and some gum disease treatments and extractions), and Major (which covers tooth replacement and crowns).
Orthodontics falls under a separate category and usually doesn’t cover over 18 years of age. Coverage for Preventive and Basic usually covers from 70-100% of fees and Major covers 40-50% of fees. What most people don’t realize is that there is a yearly maximum that will be paid out by the plan. That maximum was around $1000 when I graduated 35 years ago. It is still common to only get $1000 per year. Some plans have $1500—2000 maximums. That still does not keep up with the inflation on everything during the last 35 years! What people don’t realize is that when a plan says something is covered at 100%, it won’t be covered if you have used up the maximum amount already. If dental insurance was like car insurance, your oil and filter changes would
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    be covered at 100% but if you got your car wrecked, the most that would be paid to you would be $1000 towards the repair. That is why dental insurance isn’t really insurance. It’s a gift card with restrictions on its use.
An office membership plan typically costs a set amount per year. In our office, it is $299. That will cover the Basic twice a year (cleanings, exams, x-rays). If any work is needed, you receive a 20% discount. There is no maximum or other restrictions. There is more detail provided on our website: www. .
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