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 Rewire Your Subconscious
s an immigrant to this country, I used to believe that some people had what they have because of
luck, something I did not have. I thought perhaps God did not love me or was mad at me and the life I was experiencing was God’s way of correcting me.
As a neuroscientist and student of quantum physics, I realized that everyone’s brains function the same. The lives we experience is the result of how we use our brains.
The reason is that it lays down neural networks that become automatic. The reason you don’t have to think about walking is because that function– along with many others like breathing– is under the control of the subconscious mind.
It’s also here that your deepest held beliefs are wired.
So, in the same way that you are not
VetStrong - continued from page 9 by turning their houses into homes.
Pobanz served in the United States Army for 17 years, primarily as an instructor in the engineering field. He taught Army and Navy trainees stateside as well as overseas in Kosovo and Afghanistan. In 2013, Pobanz left the Army and moved to San Antonio. That’s when he began to see a need in the Veteran community.
“For me, it’s about facilitating the items that gets a family that has been sleeping on the floor transition to sleeping on beds,” Pobanz explained. “We help people almost every day and that can become very addictive. Doing good for others is our overall goal.”
VetStrong is an all-volunteer organization. Pobanz and his team are working hard and currently expanding their services to Austin and Houston.
“Our plan is to be in every major city where our help is needed,” Pobanz
y Dr. Sunita Punjabi
consciously aware of walking, you are also likely unaware of repetitive thoughts such as “I am unworthy”, “I am poor”, or “I don’t deserve love.”
These thoughts become so ingrained from early childhood that you think them as easily as walking down the street. However, these automatic thoughts can also bring struggle and pain in life and here is why:
The thoughts in your subconscious mind shape your reality much more strongly than the ones you generate in your conscious mind. Your subconscious is bigger and more powerful than your conscious mind.
Realize that you can repeat this mantra a thousand times, but if your subconscious mind holds the thought “I am poor”, this is what you will keep materializing in your reality.
You will keep manifesting a lack of money, no matter what you consciously say
explained. “In the future, we see ourselves becoming the service provider of goods for all populations in need.”
As VetStrong as continues to grow, more community support is needed including monetary donations and lightly used or new household items and furniture. For more information about VetStrong, follow their Facebook page @VetStrong18 or visit If you are interested in donating furniture and other household items, contact VetStrong through Facebook, their website, or call 210-842-9672.
(Right) The VetStrong all-volunteer team, founded by U.S. Army Veteran James Pobanz, works hard to supply Veterans and their families with home furnishings to help make their house a home.
or think.
So, what do you do? How do you change
these subconscious thoughts that may be sabotaging you?
In my experience, there is a 3-step sequence I use for subconscious rewiring that is simple and effective.
1- See the pattern.
You bring the thought into your conscious mind.
2- Refocus your attention.
You divert your attention to that which you want.
“I am abundant”. Look in the mirror and repeat it. “I am abundant”. Feel the truth of that statement in every cell of your body.
“I am abundant.”
3- Practice gratitude. If awareness is like the sun shining on a seed, gratitude is the water that is also essential for it to sprout.
To learn more, contact our office.
   Dr. Sunita Punjabi
The Brain Coach Specializes in Neurofeedback
(210) 884 -1200 or
      If You Want To Thank A Veteran, Stand Up & Salute The American Flag
TBy Johni Badder Fahey
hank you for serving” is important
to say, but it doesn’t quite convey
the gratitude I want to express. I recently had a personal experience that made the answer crystal clear. Show respect for our flag.
I attended a local parade a some time ago and very few spectators stood as the American flag passed by. Most everyone continued sitting, talking, eating, etc. It hurt to see disregard for the symbol of our country. I felt disappointed in the American public. And I felt sad for all our veterans who respect our flag so much that they will risk their life protecting it.
As a military veteran, allow me to share the relationship that veterans have with the American flag. From the earliest military training, raising the flag at daybreak and lowering the flag at dusk is a reverent event.
There is a proper way to carry, present, display, and honor the flag. The American flag is central to every event in the military and has great significance for veterans. The American flag is a reminder of the commitment made to serve “God and Country”. It’s also a reminder of all those who served, and of fallen heroes.
I encourage every citizen to take a bold step at the next parade and proudly pay respect as our flag passes by. Here are a few brief instructions on how and when to pay respect to the American flag.
According to the U.S. Flag Code, Title 4:
• Citizens salute by placing their right hand over the heart and those with head cover should remove it and hold it to left shoulder, hand over the heart.
• Those in uniform give the appropriate formal salute.
• Members of the Armed Forces and veterans who are present but not in uniform may render the military salute.
• Citizens who are not veterans or members of the armed services should not render the military salute.
• Citizens of other countries present should stand at attention.
• The salute (or hand over the heart) should be given just before the flag passes your position and held until it has passed by.
Do your part to honor and defend our country’s flag. By doing so, you show respect for our country and for all who served. Teach this to your children and grandchildren, and practice with them. Be proud of your country and proud of yourself for showing respect for our flag and our veterans. It is the best gift of appreciation you can give.
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