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On The Cover: The Month Of Dads & GradsABy Kathi Holzschuherhhhhh, June. The month of Dadsand Grads!Father’s Day is June 19th thisyear. But did you know that it took fifty years for Father’s Day to be an accepted date on the U.S. calendar? The idea met with much resistance in Congress, even though several presidents embraced the concept. As a result, it wasn’t officially recognized asa federal holiday until 1972, during Nixon’s re-election period.Graduations, however, happen all month, and the tradition dates back to the 12th century. The ceremonies have morphed from hours of speeches and prayer in churches to quick stadium turnarounds.Did you know that graduation was initially intended only for Universitystudents?Whether Dad or Grad, they deserve tobe acknowledged and celebrated, and that is what June is about-celebrating. Celebrate the fathers, celebrate the efforts of the scholars, and celebrate the summer. Enjoy!All About Dads0 Best Dad Ever 0was even born, dad and grandpa Dy Yok had a general merchandise store and they lived above the store. One night, life would change in an instant. My mom was by herself. A fire broke out, my mom got out but everything was burned down, home and store. My family was homeless. It was through the kindness of family and friends and strangers that my family had the life they did by the time I was born.My dad modeled generosity and treating people like family. When I was growing up in Manila, Christmas were very meaningful. It wasn’t because of the gifts I got because I can’t even really remember them. My dad would have empty baskets and a variety of canned goods in the sala (living room). I would help pack the baskets and they would be given to those struggling to have a Merry Christmas that season.When we would go out to eat and run into friends we know, dad would secretly pay for their meal. He’s the first foodie I know before the word came to be. Dad is now living with David and me since mom passed away in December. So blessed to have you with us, Dad!Thank you, PapaThank you for all your hard work to provide for us.Your sacrifice to make sure we have everything we need or could ask for.Your work ethic modeled for me how youwork for the Lord, not for men.Thank you for protecting us. You ensure weare all safe and sound.Thank you for sharing your life experience. You encourage me with how God hasbeen faithful to us and continues to be faithful. Thank you for leading us well and helpingus understand the importance of tithing.Your discipline even through tough timesexemplified your trust in Him.Thank you for seeking God’s will.You remind me to look up to your source oflife, our Heavenly Father.Thank you for setting the example on howto be generous and be a blessing.You’ve shown me how to remember thoseless fortunate and those in need.Thank you for showing me how to treatothers as family.You’ve earned much respect from so manyaround you, including those who worked for you.Thank you for showing me your discipline to read God’s word daily.You simply walk the walk and do the right thing.Thank you for sharing your love of food. Your impeccable taste and true enjoyment are such a joyous sight to see.Thank you for loving me as your own and giving me the world.God knew I needed a Papa like you.MBy Anastasia Smally dad has always been sucha good dad to my family. Hehas taken care of us from the beginning and worked 7 days a week to provide for us. He always fixes whatever isbroken and makes his family a priority. When my mom got diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014, he worked overtime to pay the medical bills as wellas homeschooling all 8 of us siblings. He always makes us laugh and because of his hard work, allows us to travel and make memories as a family. We are all grateful for our dad and I hope for this article to let him know how much I and my siblings appreciate all his hard work and dedication to his family and raising us right!My Dad Modeled Generosity & Treating People Like FamilyMy Dad Is My HeroBMy dad John Adkins is my hero, and he will always be a hero to me because of the way he loves me even when I mess up.He always pushes my brother and I to do our very best in everything that we do!!! I will forever be grateful for you daddy, and I will love you always!! I love it when you tell us stories about when you were younger!!I love how you get so proud of Jacob and I when we accomplish things!!!Love your daughter,Madison Adkinsy Madison AdkinsBMy R u t h i e W uy dad is 93 years young, always thankful and has the warmest smile. Dad had his humble6beginnings being born in Naga City, Philippines. A story he shared and what he did are forever in my heart. Years before IDads - continued on page 7 www.stoneoakhighlights.comJune 2022

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