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When A Comedian Becomes A Dad BPy Sonny Melendrezick a favorite comedian and chances are you’ve seen their material reflect their personalgrowth over the years. Finding irony in every-day observations is what they do.And, while thinking fast, choosing the right words and perfecting their timing are all necessary for getting the laugh, there may come a time in their life when none of those skills seem to matter.Fatherhood.I’ve watched many of my favorite comics “stop the show” and relate stories that often become more memorable than their signature material.Like the time David Letterman shared the experience of welcoming his son into the world.When Dave’s son, Harry, was born, he proudly told his Late Show audience about the moment:“And then, at 11:58 pm, the boy came out and he was passed around the delivery room and a cheer went up and he received applause and I got to hold him, and I’ve been head-over-heels in love ever since. He’s made this the best year of my life.”In the middle of a what-have-I-been- doing rant, Jerry Seinfeld announced (to great applause),“The truth is, I have a baby! I can’t get enough of the baby. I’m crazy about the baby. You kiss the baby, you love the baby... It’s the most wonderful thing, BUT, let us make no mistake about why these babies are here.They are here to replace us!”Funnyman Brian Regan tells about watching TV with his wife one evening, while electronically monitoring his son’s room, when out of the tiny speaker came the 6 year old’s voice.“Dad?”HBy Deborah Seguinighlights Publications would like to give you the opportunity to honor YOUR favorite militarymember or veteran (or just straight up brag about them!) The path these brave men and women have chosen also impacts family and friends. Long absences, on- call, distance, and difficult working conditions take a toll on friendships and family ties. Yet these ties remain strong.There are never enough opportunities to show how much we appreciate and care for our military members. If you have someone you would like to see honored in this way, send a 150 words- 200 words entry telling who they are, their relationship to you, branch, service, but mostly, what you want others to know about them and why they are special to you.Send your entries along with a picture toSpecial Event June 25th Live Band 11am- 2pm Spin The Wheel FREE Bundlets For A Year First 100 GuestsOrder Online! We Deliver!Stone Oak700 E. Sonterra Blvd., San Antonio, TX 78258(210)“Yes son?”“I think I have a joke for your career.” Brian said he couldn’t run upstairs fastenough. It was music to his ears.With tears in his eyes he sat on the bed,answering,“So, you have a joke for my act? Let’s hearit buddy.”“Do you know why dinosaurs can’t talk?” “No. Why?”“Because they’re dead.”There isn’t a comedian in the world whodoesn’t understand the magic of those moments.Especially, when that comedian is a dad.Sonny Melendrezis an award-winningmotivational speaker, Hallof Fame radio/TV hostand author, based in San Antonio. For more of his enthusiastic brand of inspirationand speaking information, visit official site: oremail: Strength & Conditioning Summer Campfocuses on the fundamentals of strength, speed, agility, and power while educating the athletes on the importance of proper form. This is a great opportunity for beginner, intermediate and/or advanced level athletes.SUMMER CAMPSnap code to reaister online today!For more information contact Osiris Estrada at assistance (up to 30%) is available.MAYSFAMILYYMCAATSTONEOAK •21654BlancoRd.• by June 10 in time for our July issue. It will also be a great keepsake.June 5

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