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: Rotisserie Yes Siree!IBy Angie Bridgeslove rotisserie chicken. (RC) It doesn’tget any easier to get dinner on the tablethen to pick one up, serve alongside your favorite side salad or vegetable or even your kids favorite cheesy noodle dish and call it a day. However, what I really love the RC for is its versatility in the kitchen. You have an ingredient for a plethora of different dishes and half the work is done for you. You literally get your dish to the point of ready and add your chicken meat into the dish to warm it through and serve. Really couldn’t be more perfect for all your busy parents out there. Also, for added time management, I like to bring home the chicken and pull all the meat off and divide into a few zipper bags with its future uses already in mind.A few ideas to incorporate into your meal rotation using RC are soups, (makes a mean tortilla soup!) salads, casseroles, chilis, pasta bakes and sandwiches both cold and hot. If Ihad to come up with one negative, it would be that some chickens come pre seasoned pretty heavily and might have a higher sodium content. To remedy that, watch for other sodium in your recipe and adjust your seasoning to taste. This month I’m sharing with you a family favorite of ours-a curry andIhopeyoulikeitasmuchaswedo. Ciao For Now, AngieEasy Coconut Chicken CurryYou’ll Need: 1Tbs vegetable oil, 3 Tbs. Green curry paste (or curry powder), 1⁄2 white onion sliced thin, 4 cloves minced garlic, 1 tsp. smoked paprika, 1 1 tsp. minced ginger, salt & pepper to taste, 1 (14 oz.) can drained Rotel (or just tomato pieces if you want no heat), 1, (13 oz.) can coconut milk (reg. or lite ok), 2 Tbs brown sugar, 2 Cups rotisserie chicken meat, a squeeze of lime (about 1⁄2 lime), and cooked white rice to serve along. Directions: Heat pan over medium heatadd oil and onion. Cook for about 4 minutes. Add garlic and ginger, cook for another 2 minutes and stir in curry paste. Cook for 1 minute until fragrant. Add tomatoes and the brown sugar stirring to coat with the curry mixture. Stir the coconut milk and allow to simmer over medium heat for about 10 minutes and lastly add in your chicken and heat thoroughly. Serve over white rice with a squeeze of lime garnished with cilantro leaves and green onion tops.Angie Bridges is owner of Copa Wine Bar inStone Oak along withher husband, Jeff Bridges. Angie is also the founder of the Taste of the Northside Fiesta event and is the original Queen of the Vine.North Central Baptist Hospital Honors Dedication & Excellence(L-R ) Bill Waechter, CEO, Nursing Leadership Award winner Elizabeth Cardenas and Ancillary Rising Star Award winner Mollie Vogele, who both work in the Emergency Department at North Central Baptist Hospital, Rachel Montgomery Chief Operating Officer North central Baptist Hospital and Wendi DeLeon, chief nursing officer at North Central Baptist HospitalA Clean Deck Is A Beautiful Deck!NBy Alissa Reinhardothing says summer morethan dinner fresh off the grill,children splashing in the pool, and everyone gathered on the back deck or patio, lounging around the table with a cool drink in hand, shaded under an oversized umbrella. A beautiful deck is a clean deck, and from what I’ve learned from Barry Hagendorf of Deck and Patio Care – proper cleaning and sealing techniques are paramount.Proper cleaning procedures first require all items from the deck. Chances are your deck has been sealed before, especially if it’s older. As a result, the surface of the wood usually has a layer of old sealer, dirt, mildew and mold directly below the sealer layer of wood.Deck and Patio Care begins by spraying an environmentally safe, biodegradable stripping agent on the wood. Once saturated, Deck & Patio Care will powerwash the deck, including all railings and sides.After powerwashing is finished, thetechnicians will apply an oxalic-based wood brightener which neutralizes oxidations tannic acid in the wood.Once dry, the sealing process begins. The wood is sprayed with Ready Seal – an oil- based penetrating sealer. Normally, the first application will penetrate 1/8-1/4 inch into the wood. As the deck ages, the sealer will be pulled down into the wood. Resealing is recommended every 10-15 months after the previous seal. After the third year, you can reseal every other year.With nearly 30 years of experience, Barry Hagendorf and the experts at Deck and Patio Care can professionally clean and seal your deck, patio and outdoor space preparing it for countless summers to come. For more information, or to schedule your cleaning or sealing, visit or call (210) 822-9147.BNy Natalie Gutierrezational Hospital Week is May8-14, a week specifically set asideto celebrate hospitals and show thanks and appreciation to those who work in them, for the vital role they play in the health of our community. North Central Baptist Hospital recognizes its team members for their hard work and dedication to keeping their patients and families safe and healthy.North Central Baptist Hospital held its Excellence Awards Breakfast May 10 and recognized several of its staff members for their exceptional achievements and above and beyond leadership and care.“The unwavering strength and commitment demonstrated by our nurses, physicians, other caregivers, and staff is deeply appreciated and admired,” said Bill Waechter, CEO of North Central Baptist Health Hospital. “I am thankful to them every day for stepping up in the moments that matter most to our patients and for their essential support as we continue to work together to ensure every patient in our community receives high-quality, compassionate care.”The following is a complete list of the hospital staff members recognized.• Nursing Rising Star Award Winner: Edith Lizaola, PCU• Excellence in Ancillary Nursing Practice Award Winner: Mauro Pena, Emergency Department• Excellence in professional Nursing Practice Award Winner: Laura Sancho, Cath Lab• Nursing Leadership Award Winner: Elizabeth Cardenas, Emergency Department • Ancillary Rising Star Award Winner: Mollie Vogele, Emergency Department• Non-Nursing Clinical Staff Excellence Award Winner: Christopher Wollard, Respiratory Therapy• Non-Nursing Support Staff Award Winner: Joseph Blanco, Central Supply• Ancillary Leadership Award Winner: Naomi White, SPD• Non-Clinical Ancillary Leadership Award Winner: PJ Meyerpeter, Plant Maintenance/ EVS/Security/PharmacySince 1921, hospitals across the country have been celebrating National Hospital Week.18www.stoneoakhighlights.comJune 2022

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