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Step Into Decorating...BERNHARDT FURNITUREYour Home is your Castle• Over 40 years of experience• Custom Interior Draperies, Furniture, Carpet & Flooring, Artwork• Home Remodeling Projects & more!(210) 490-0161Call for your personal consultation.Design Fee $75 an hour.The Jenkinsinterior Design Groupwww.TheJenkinsinteriorDesignGroup.comAsk About our FREE One Hour Magical Makeover (Minimum of 4 hours)By Mary Jenkins AsquithThis month brings the excitement this time of year brings to so many...we have graduation..June weddings...and July 4th. All of these bring company to our homes both young and old....and always a fun time for all.We attended the Highpoint Market and found so many wonderful items for our clients. Furniture, Rugs, Plants, and accessories.With so many showrooms we had so much fun and saw so many styles available to many at market.New fabrics on furniture... “high performance” is the leading item at market. Our “boucle” fabrics as well as wonderful beds with built in benches.... Very nice!!Rugs continue to lead for completing that “floor level” accessory as well as art and plants... letting your “real” you show up.Continue to decorate in what style makes you happy as long as you have a thread or theme throughout.Let us know your style, your colors, your desires for your home. You want to love your home as we want functional as well as wonderful ambiances for our homes.Your home is your Castle!The Jenkins Interior Design Group, LLCMary L Jenkins Asquith, R.I.D., owner210 490 0161Jennifer Jenkins, Designer210 325 3772 Jessica Trevino, Designer210 464 1519The Jenkins Interior Design Group, LLC1Imagine Wellness1 Unfog Your BrainBy Dr. Julio Jimenez (Dr. J)rain fog is becoming a very“I am more than just an attorney; I am also a caring friend who knows how to help you achieve or preserve your happiness.”– Crista BranchPreserving Families &Protecting AssetsMaking Sure You Don’t Get Screwed By Your Ex!We Provide Help With:• Divorce• Military Divorce & Benefits• LGBT Issues• Child Custody Conflicts• Property Enforcements• Termination and Adoption (IncludingStep-Parent Adoption Cases)• Pre-Marital/Post-Marital Agreements • Surrogacy Issues...and more!Call to schedule an initial Complimentary consultation.(210) 229-2088 www.branchfamilylaw.com549 Heimer Rd, Suite 200 • San Antonio, TX 78232common symptomwomen ages 35-65. assumptions are progressing age or possible brain tumor among others, but what is the true cause of brain fogginess? To answer this question, we should study how the body systems work.Endocrine, Neuroendocrine, Digestive and Circulatory Systems don’t work independently but are integrated, meaning that when one system is dysfunctioning, this imbalance can throw the other systems off. This can give you the false impression the affected area is the problem when it is really not. My approach is to look at the body as a whole, to repair and restore the faulty body systems.In my experience, the most common dysfunctions for brain fogginess are the endocrine and digestive systems. Within the endocrine system, I look at the thyroid hormone which operates in every cell of the body. Proper function of the thyroid is dependent upon a healthy digestive system. If your digestive system is compromised, the thyroid hormone will be compromised as well. A healthy thyroid along with a repaired and restored gut will prevent your brain fog. Holistic doctors useamongNormalnatural supplements that stimulate the body to produce substances on its own so it is not codependent on a synthetic drug that may cause harmful side-effects.Julio (Dr. J) Jimenez isa Functional Health andWellness Coach, Thyroidand Autoimmune SystemExpert. He practices at hisImagine Wellness Centre.115 Gallery Circle, Suite209, San Antonio, Texas78258. (210) 775-0810 www.imaginewellnesscenter.comJune 15

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