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Promotion Physical TherapyinExperts“Sports InjuriesMy therapists were all completely invested in my recovery. With theirinfluence, especially Dr. Martindale, I honed in on my love for nutrition and the weight room and am an all-around healthier individualwho is back on the court! - Maya SandersBy Kathi HolzschuherS ince 2005, Promotion Physical Therapy has been on a mission to provide a better quality of life for San Antonio patients suffering physical pain and discomfort. They areexperts at getting people back to the life and things they love, faster.Now entering its 17th year in San Antonio, Promotion P.T. is expanding! They continue to provide a high quality of care in a positive and encouraging environment-now from five locations in San Antonio and surrounding areas.Due to a surge in growth, the North Central practice has moved to a larger and brand-new space on Huebner Road near Bitters. In addition, another location has been added, with the Boerne practice debuting last September. Other sites include Stone Oak/TPC across from Johnson High School, Westover Hills near SeaWorld, and the Medical Center office on Huebner near Floyd Curl.So, what makes this physical therapy practice different? First, many of their therapists have completed a demanding, three-year fellowship training. “It takes a lot of extra time and energy, but it is instrumental in helping our therapists develop the most effective skills that get our patients better faster,” explains Dr. Justin Martindale, President, and Chief Medical Officer.Additionally, Promotion’s patients receive individualized continuity of care by working with the same therapist at each visit. Clinic hours accommodate busy schedules, with offices open Monday-Friday 7 am-6 pm and Saturdays by appointment.We provide the same therapist at each visit.Several years ago, while recovering from a series of youth sports and other injuries in adulthood Dr. Martindale was out of commission and out of work. When he was immobilized and feeling robbed of essential life functions, the Doctor’s motivation to help others (especially athletes) heal fast was awakened. It is ultimately why the practice is on the scoreboard for exceptional athletic care, training, and results. “We love athletes, says Dr. Martindale, and we treat them all-from middle school to high school, college, and even the pros-we are experts when it comes to their specific needs.”Miss Sanders playing for the MustangsThe approach involves first understanding the type of athlete needing training. Knowing their sport, their position, and any additional sports they are involved with, allows the physical therapist to understand the full scope of environments, motions, and wear the athlete’s body experiences. By understanding all of these elements, Promotion therapists can offer the best treatments and sports performance training.It is also essential to understand that all treatments and training programs are not the same for every athlete. Different jobs have different demands on the body and require different training. “By example, a wide receiver and an offensive lineman both play football, but the demands on the body and the body shapes are vastly different,” says the Doctor. “We need to know everything we can-what sport, what position, what deficits, where played-it’s all essential information for a personalized training program.”High school athlete, Maya Sanders, who tore her ACL during a basketball camp comments, “At Promotion P.T. I made connections with people I would not have known otherwise. My therapists were all completely invested in my recovery. With their influence, especially Dr. Martindale, I honed in on my love for nutrition and the weight room and am an all-around healthier individual who is back on the court!”In addition to treating sports injuries, the therapists at Promotion P.T. also work with athletes to prevent them. For example, they can correct improper form and will design training programs specific to the individual. One such program, Sportsmetrics, is dedicated to the research, study, and physical therapy of treating and avoiding knee-related injuries. Severe knee injuries may occur during sports and non-contact situations such as landing from a jump, turning, and twisting when a sudden knee imbalance occurs. The physical therapists at Promotion Physical Therapy are trained in this program and help athletes improve performance, increase jumping height and reduce the risk of injuries.Beyond athletics, Promotion Physical Therapy treats everyday occurrences like strain, sprains, and shoulder pains, as well as physical therapy for pre and post-operative conditions, including ACL reconstruction surgery, rotator cuff, labral repair surgery and many others. Additional services include; Manual Therapy, TMJ treatment, Aquatic Therapy, Vestibular Therapy, Concussion Rehabilitation, and Dry Needling. In addition, The AlterG is an anti-gravity treadmill that allows you to push your training and physical therapy rehabilitation further.Locally owned, operated, and managed, Promotion Physical Therapy clinics treat patients ages six and up, providing:• Effective outpatient orthopedic treatment for any joint or soft tissue injury, including back/neck/shoulder pain.• Hip, knee, and ankle injuries. • Overuse injuries.• Shoulder and elbow injuries. • Sprains and strains• Total hip/knee replacement.Promotion Physical Therapy accepts almost all insurance plans and welcomes Medicare and Workers’Compensation. They operate under the belief that everyone is entitled to a life uninhibited by pain or discomfort. Their team of skilled physical therapists puts their hearts into their work, giving patients the care, they deserve.To review Promotion Physical Therapy’s areas of expertise and physical therapy treatments, visit https://promotionpt-sa.comDr. Justin Martindale, President, and Chief Medical Officer”June 2022www.stoneoakhighlights.com11

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