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Grads - continued from page 9Reagan High School Senior, KyleNBy Tracy PetersBWfamily since five years old. Having played competitively for many years, in conjunction to playing on Reagan High School’s tennis team as a “senior class five-star recruit”, Totorica will continue tennis at Xavier University. He has earned a scholarship and will pursue a degree in biology. With so much experience, Totorica loves to share his expertise coaching children in tennis, helping them develop techniques to improve their game.Totorica has won district and regional in boys single matches for three years. He has won the state title this year after placing second and third in previous years. Winning the 6A State Title has been a goal for Totorica since starting high school, and the win is a great way to finish off his senior year; every detail of that win will be remembered, “ felt amazing to finally achieve it. I also had my family and entire team there with me which made the win even better.” It was a proud moment for his parents too who introduced their love of tennis to their son at an early age and supported him every day, seeing him grow into the remarkable athlete he is today and even more so in they Tracy PetersSenior Taylen Simone Wise, Track and Field Athlete Breaks Record atTotorica Wins Tennis 6A State TitleReagan High Schoolith his parents and younger brother, Kyle Totorica has been playing tennis with hisot a hobby from childhood, but Taylen Simone Wise has exceled quickly, having a gifting in trackand field. Starting freshman year, she has already achieved the following: “three- time state qualifier in long jump and 4x100 relay, two-time state qualifier in triple jump and 300m hurdles, one time state qualifier in 4x200 relay, regional record for 300m hurdles, and broke Reagan High School’s all- time record in four categories- long jump, triple jump, 300m hurdles, and 4x100.” Soon, Wise will be attending the University of Arizona where she has earned a track and field scholarship.From Wise’s experience in the PALS program, a senior class officer, and caring for others as a student athletic trainer, she has a heart to serve and will be pursuing a degree in education along with coaching track and field. Coach McHugh’s simple words, “Be professional” holds sentimental value to Wise as those are the key words that has taught her to control her emotions, not to give in, and be professional even when every bone aches in the body, when full exhaustion kicks in. What Wise has learned as her high school years come to an end is to be responsible and take initiative, not to be prideful, and “... always show everyonefuture!love and compassion; everything is not about you!”Grads - continued on page 16Day!Physical Therapy & Sports RehabYour premier physical therapy provider for one-on-one care.www.promotionpt-sa.com4 locations serving San Antonio & surrounding areas 210-257-8272Have Medicare questions? I have answers.I’m Bertha Eliza Calpena, a licensed sales agent in San Antonio, Boerne and all of Texas. When it comes to Medicare,it’s important to consider all of your options. What works well for your neighbor may not be the best fit for you. I know the ins and outs of Medicare, and I’m ready to answer your questions and help you find a plan that fits your needs. Take advantage of my knowledge and experience to:• Take the confusion out of Medicare • Receive one-on-one service• Get help comparing plans • Make enrolling in a plan easierI look forward to helping you explore your Medicare options so you can enroll in a plan with confidence.It’s time to take advantage.Bertha Eliza CalpenaLicensed Sales Agent 210-612-5777, TTY 711 Sí, hablo su idioma.Plans are insured through UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company or one of its affiliated companies, a Medicare Advantage organization with a Medicare contract. Enrollment in the plan depends on the plan’s contract renewal with Medicare. ©2021 United HealthCare Services, Inc. All rights reserved.Y0066_22SPRJ55189_C SPRJ5518910www.stoneoakhighlights.comJune 2022Happy

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