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 He Brings Us Joy Everyday
Even On The Hard Days
MBy Fayth Neish
y dad found my mom and me when I was a year old. My mom adopted me when she was
single. I was a CPS baby taken away at birth due to my birth mom doing drugs. My dad fell in love with my mom and I right away.
Even though he was 49, he was thrilled to be a daddy again. He had two grown kids already, but he thought I was a gift. He got to meet me on his second date with my mom. We had pizza, and he said it was love at first sight for all three of us. He and my mom married after three months and he adopted me a year later.
I have a lot of special needs and struggles. He is a pediatric cardiologist. He is always looking for ways to help me learn and grow. He said it hurts his heart that I have so many challenges and he wish he could make my challenges easier.
He tells me every day that I can do anything I set my mind and heart to do. I am 14 now and pretty hard to get along with most days. I get frustrated easily. I have a hard time in school academically and socially, but my dad says, we just have to keep trying a little harder each day. I am so glad that my mom found my dad. She was a great single parent, but he is the best dad a girl could have.
We fostered and adopted our dog,
Comet, last year. Just like my parents fostered and then adopted me. He brings us joy every day, even on the hard days.
My dad has never given up on me and never will.
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• Cough Assist Devices
• Nebulizers & Medication Chambers • 50 PSI Nebulizers for CF Therapy
• Portable Vest
• Baby Scale
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