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The Smartest Man I’ve Ever Known
IBy Sonny Melendrez
was 9 years old when my dad taught me to shine shoes in his small two seat barber shop located at the corner
of Nolan and Pine streets in San Antonio. From the brushing, to the saddle soap, to applying wax and the final buffing, I had it down and was ready for my first customer. I did my best and will never forget receiving my first payment: a shiny new quarter – 15 cents for the shine and a 10
cent tip.
Life was good.
Saturdays were especially busy and I
realized that the faster I worked, the more shoes I could handle. However, I never made the customer feel rushed. My father always believed in making the client feel special.“Give them your best work,”he’d say.
From him I also learned to look beyond for opportunity. My dad noticed that there were no dry cleaners in the area and turned his barber shop into a drop off point for the nearest cleaners, about 5 miles away, which also happened to be along the route he’d take when he drove me to St. Michael’s School.
So, without using any extra gas, he had created another service for his customers by giving them “2 Day Dry Cleaning.” This was not to mention the paperback books he sold and traded.
Without realizing it, my father was generating “multiple streams of income.” Every one of these streams was based on two needs: providing for his family and the opportunity to serve. Joe Melendrez’s customers often got more than they expected as he would throw in an extra book, round off the amount owed in their favor or give a shave on the house.
HBy Deborah Seguin
ighlights Publications would like to give you the opportunity to honor YOUR favorite military
member or veteran (or just straight up brag about them!) The path these brave men and women have chosen also impacts family and friends. Long absences, on- call, distance, and difficult working conditions take a toll on friendships and family ties. Yet these ties remain strong.
There are never enough opportunities to show how much we appreciate and care for our military members. If you have someone you would like to see honored in this way, send a 150 words- 200 words entry telling who they are, their relationship to you, branch, service, but mostly, what you want others to know about them and why they are special to you.
Send your entries along with a picture to by June
  And, my dad taught me something even more important: dedication.
I can still see him opening up the cabinet between the barber chairs. In it, were several cigar boxes.
After every haircut or other transactions, he would often send me to the corner drug store to get change for dollar bills and when I returned with a handful of quarters, he would distribute them in the various boxes. Each represented a fund: groceries, rent, utilities, clothing and his sons’ education.
He took care of us, a quarter at a time.
To this day, the smell of shoe polish brings back my first memories of opportunity, gratitude and my father’s simple wisdom.
He was the smartest man I’ve ever known.
Sonny Melendrez is
an award-winning
motivational speaker,
Hall of Fame radio/TV
host and author, based
in San Antonio. For more
of his enthusiastic brand of inspiration and speaking information, visit his official site:
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