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 Northside Business Association SA: Building Better Businesses
BAy Alissa Reinhard
re you a business owner or a business professional looking to build connections? How about
over breakfast? Nothing goes together better than a cup of hot coffee, some bacon and eggs, and a little networking to start your morning!
On April 29, Northside Business Association SA hosted a Breakfast Business Networking event bringing together professionals in Alamo Ranch and surrounding areas for in - person networking while adhering to recommended COVID precautions. The event took place at Main Event North and featured a presentation by special guest Daniel Gomez.
Gomez is an award-winning keynote speaker, business coach, executive coach, corporate trainer, and podcaster. His passion is to elevate businesses and entrepreneurs to achieve their true potential through their training and coaching programs. Gomez spoke to Northside Business Association SA members and guests about how to overcome self-imposed limitations by “killing the employee mindset.”
“Daniel’s presentation was excellent,” described Gina Barbera, Founder of Northside Business Association SA. “He spoke about how to shift our focus, as entrepreneurs, to what really matters. We had a great turnout and I think our members
Door prize winners presented by Daniel Gomez.
and guests alike got a lot out of the event.” Northside Business SA is constantly working to provide local businessowners, business professionals, and entrepreneurs ample opportunities to connect with one another in a variety of settings and atmospheres. “Our breakfast gatherings are always a huge hit, and we are looking forward to hosting more and more in-person networking events in the near future.”
To learn more about Northside Business Association SA, including membership opportunities, please visit www., like @northsidebasa on Facebook, or call 210-548-6448.
Attendees take notes as Daniel Gomez speaks
       Certificate of appreciation presented to Daniel & Mari Gomez
Northside Business Association SA Congratulates Inner Sanctum Chiropractic
  Congratulations To Our Mother’s Day Story Entry Winner Kim Tucker
     New to the neighborhood?
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T he Northside Business Association SA welcomed and congratulated new Silver Charter member, Dr. Taylor Luster with Inner Sanctum Chiropractic with a ribbon cutting on April
29, 2021.
Inner Sanctum Chiropractic opened
in the heart of North San Antonio. Dr. Taylor Luster and her team are excited to bring a unique comprehensive, full system approach to chiropractic care.
Their care is designed to address your whole system with a variety of techniques and modalities, heavily centered around chiropractic care. These therapies include acupuncture, nutrition, reiki, and e-stimulation.
Dr. Taylor Luster’s primary technique is
Applied Kinesiology with a gentle adjusting technique called Tao-style adjusting. Applied Kinesiology allows us to search and fine tune adjustments and therapies directly to your system individually, while Tao Style adjusting allows us to work WITH your body to provide a gentler adjustment than working THROUGH your body.
This allows them to customize care to your system and your lifestyle. They look forward to working with you and can’t wait to learn more about you! For more information, find them at or call 210-756-9020. They are located at 18402 US Hwy 281 North, Suite 109, San Antonio, TX 78259.
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