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 Money Matters With Jennifer
First Job And Customer Service
RBy Jennifer Scroggins, Investment Advisor Representative
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       ecently, I thought back to my first job. It had quite an impact on who I am today. Back then, I was
a typical teenager, unappreciative, self- absorbed and not planning to work during the summer.
Yep, I remember like it was yesterday. Dad and I were driving home, discussing my “summer plans.” He asked when I was going to get a J-O-B. It didn’t take long for our conversation to escalate, until he said, “You are going to work!” I responded, “FINE! Pull in there”, pointing to the McDonalds. I thought, “I am never working there.” But Dad pulled in, and just like that, I had my first real job.
As I reflect on that experience, it was probably one of the most important steps I’ve ever taken. I learned the importance of delivering quality and consistency in both product and service, and that treating customers with respect was even more important. It’s what kept them coming back again and again.
My time there was short, but I still go back to this day. Like the other day, in a hurry, we stopped in, expecting fast and accurate. But the sandwich was wrong. There were no condiments, napkins or straws. No one anticipated our needs or checked for accuracy. It made me think about what I do for my “customers” on a daily basis.
Here’s what I know...Service is the key. People and exceptional service still matter. In this high-speed world in which we live, the need to exceed expectations, keep promises, and follow through has not changed.
When you think about your financial advisor, what are your expectations? What
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is your customer service experience? Do they anticipate your needs? I’ve found it’s not about performance, but about the relationship. You should know I’m doing everything in my power to help you achieve the goals that are important to you.
We still eat at McDonalds. They’ve been a staple for generations. And I wonder, will I make the same lasting impression? How about you? Will the impact you make
transfer from generation to generation?
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