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Branch Family
 Preserving Families & Protecting Assets:
By Alissa Reinhard
    “Divorce, child support, custody, estate planning... these are all very trying issues. We are here to help and our clients can rely on us for open, honest communication.”~ Crista Branch
E veryone deserves to be matter the situation or circumstance. With over 20 years of experience, Crista Marichalar Branch has made a career of helping her clients find true happiness.
“It’s so important to me to really connect with my clients,” Branch explained. “To let them know that I’m their advocate. And to help them understand that I’ll always be there to advise them, to fight for them, to stand by their side, through the good and the bad.”
It was during high school when Branch first discovered she wanted to be a lawyer.
“In my senior government class, we had a mock trial and I was a prosecutor,” she recalled. “Arguing my case in front of a judge, I just fell in love with everything about the legal system.”
From that point forward, Branch put her plan into action, graduating from Southern Methodist University Dedman School of Law in 1997 and beginning legal practice in 1998. She started her career defending large insurance companies, and while she excelled in this position, she felt like something was missing.
“I wasn’t connecting with anyone,” Branch explained. “I wanted to make a difference. I knew that practicing Family Law, I could really help people. I believe it’s what I was meant to do.”
Branch made the switch to Family Law in 2002 and established her firm, Branch Law Firm, in 2005. Branch and her skilled, compassionate team help clients in and around San Antonio navigate complex, emotional, and sensitive divorce and family law cases. Branch Law Firm can guide the way to the best possible outcome for you and your loved ones by working hard to preserve families and to protect client assets. Whether you’re facing a contested divorce, hoping to modify child support terms, or seeking
to expand your family through surrogacy or adoption, Branch Law Firm is ready and willing to serve you.
Branch is humbled that her clients trust her to help them during what is often the most difficult time of their lives.
“My team and I are a here to achieve the best possible outcome in every situation, Branch stated. “Divorce, child support, custody, estate planning...these are all very trying issues. We are here to help and our clients can rely on us for open, honest communication.”
Branch Law Firm handles divorce, child support and modification, custody, surrogacy, adoption, pre and post- marital agreements, estate planning, and more. With two other attorneys and a full-time staff, Branch’s clients can expect both the support of a talented team of legal professionals and the one-on-one attention their case deserves.
“Our team all shares the same philosophy,” Branch explained. “We will always fight for what our clients deserve. Our legal system isn’t as black and white as people think. There are so many nuances. We are here to make sure that our clients are protected and given what they are entitled to.”
Branch and her team are motivated by each and every client’s desire to find peace, happiness, and a way to move forward with their lives – like Selina, a recent client who reached out to Branch Family Law late in her custody case.
“I was worried about hiring another attorney due to my previous lack of assistance, however, Crista has restored my faith in lawyers,” Selina stated. “She cleaned up a mess that was created by my previous attorney and myself. From the beginning, Crista was honest, telling me upfront what may or may not work. She knows how to cover all the bases and do what is best for my daughter. I know I am not her only
client, but she definitely makes me feel like it.”
Kimberly, another client, is grateful for Crista’s personable, empathetic – and when necessary, aggressive
– approach to getting things done.
“Crista handled my divorce with great decorum and
made a difficult time much easier for me,” Kimberly explained. “She also handled my grandparents estate, which was much more complicated than expected, and has drawn up family wills, anticipating any scenarios that could create complications. She is absolutely a wonderful attorney and ally.”
Branch Law Firm is on your side – during your legal issues and beyond. Looking for legal representation but not sure where to start? Branch Law Firm offers Zoom, phone, and face-to-face consultations.
“At our firm, we do the best that we can for our clients,” Branch said. “We communicate honestly, and we don’t hesitate to fight for what’s right.”
  Crista Marichalar Branch
Attorney and founder
Brooke Irey
Senior Attorney
Branch Law Firm
549 Heimer Rd, Suite 200 San Antonio, Texas 78232
  June 2021

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