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San Antonio 700 E. Sonterra Blvd. (210) 495- 2253WeDeliverEvery Mom’s Love Language is CakeOrder On Line!NothingBundtCakes.comHow I Invented Podcasting IBy Sonny Melendrezdid. It was long before the Internet, smart phones or even, personal computers.By age 13, my vision of “being on the radio” was crystal clear. I dreamed about it while listening to my favorite station on the transistor radio under my pillow.And so, with my portable recorder and record player, I created 5 minute shows, playing music and talking, just like they did on the radio.Then, I would play these short programs for my friends, on the phone, one-at-a-time, on-demand (mine).Now, we didn’t exactly have a phone. You see, our phone was inside my dad’s small two-seat barbershop, located in a strip center (Dignowity’s) on San Antonio’s East Side.Half was the barbershop and the other half was where my mom, dad, younger brother and I lived. We moved there, so my parents could afford to send their sons to Catholic school and college. It was a sacrifice, for which we are forever grateful.At night, my dad would give me 3 dimes and I would stumble, in the dark, around the barber chairs, making my way to the shoe shine stand, next to the payphone on the wall. I’d sit on the chair and carefully dial each friend, hold the phone to the recorder on my lap and play my little productions.You see, by definition, I was podcasting!In all seriousness, there was something remarkable happening in my attempt to make my young vision a reality.Looking back, I am now convinced that my actions had sparked a series of magical events that would take me to places, I’d only dreamed of.You see, after graduating from Central Catholic High School, receiving the finest foundation a young man can have, I enteredSan Antonio College, the school that I credit as my launching pad into the world of entertainment.Next, my broadcast education continued at the University of Texas at El Paso, where I landed my first on-air job at the number one music station in town.It wasn’t long before a competing station hired me, where I would eventually become the Program Director and begin to receive national recognition.Then, one day, I received a call from one of top stations in San Antonio, offering me the position of PD and afternoon-drive personality.It was the station under my pillow.Henry David Thoreau said, “If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with success unexpected in common hours.”Stay tuned!Sonny Melendrezis an award-winningmotivational speaker, Hallof Fame radio/TV hostand author, based in San Antonio. For more of his enthusiastic brand of inspirationand speaking information, visit official site: oremail: Of 2022Physical Therapy & Sports RehabYour premier physical therapy provider for one-on-one care.www.promotionpt-sa.com4 locations serving San Antonio & surrounding areas 210-257-8272SLooking For Dads To Recognizetone Oak Highlights wants to recognize fathers of all ages. How many of you have ever wanted to letyour father know how much you appreciate him? Well, why not make it public and show them how much you care? We are giving you the perfect opportunity to do so.Stone Oak Highlights is doing a special section to honor Dads in the June edition. It will be a great keepsake for you and your Dad. They will be totally surprised and it will make a great gift from the heart. Tell us why your dad is special to you and keep at 250 words max.Is it because of what he did and/or still do for you? Or how they helped you become the person you are today? We will highlight as many submissions as possible. We will be selecting one one father to receive $50. Please send your submissions with contact information and photo via email to Deadlinefor Father’s Day articles is May 12, 2022.May 5

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