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Fun Days At San Antonio Zoof you haven’t been to the San Antonio Zoo lately, it’s a great time to check out what’s new. For starters, there’s afree parking garage and a recently added interactive Kangaroo Krossing.This year, Mother’s Day will be extra special for the momma kangaroos in the Wild Australia realm with babies Zander, Tasman, Mako, Poseidon, Kraken, and Reef hopping around and bringing all of the cuteness. The kangaroos are observable with a standard zoo admission ticket, and an upgraded kangaroo experience is availablethe brightly colored birds.If you enjoy special events, you canfind one year-round at the zoo. Through May 8, the venue will be hosting the On a Stick Festival, bringing four Texas seasonal celebrations together at one place and one time—Zoo Fiesta, Crocktoberfest, Mardi Craw, and State Fair. Drinks for adults will range in everything from craft beer to Margaritas. Be sure to come hungry to enjoy your favorite eats and treats from each Lone Star tradition.Membership information, hours of operation, tour tips, and ticket details are available at The home page includes help for planning your visit under guest information and digital map options. The zoo is located at 3903 N. St. Mary’s Street, San Antonio, TX 78212.y Caroline TurneyBIat an additional cost.Other behind-the-scenes offers includeseveral educational options with an emphasis on habitat and conservation. For additional purchase, guests can get up close and personal with hippos, okapi, and rhinos. For families with young children, the Fun Day with Lorys and Kiddie Park Combo offers hours of learning and enjoyment. This program includes zoo admission, a ride on the train, a ride on the carrousel, wrist band for unlimited Kiddie Park rides, and an entry into Lory Landing where guests can feedStarry, Starry Encounter LBy Alissa ReinhardI Spy With My Little Eye... Contestook carefully, search each and every page, up and down, left and right, front to back, and then backto front.Don’t give up! If you can find the hiddencharacter, you’ll be entered into a drawing to win a $50! In this month’s issue,Just email the page number and location where you spotted the little boy giving mom a balloon and Mother’s Day card to Deadline is May 13, 2022.We hope you’ll have fun with our version of a mini-scavenger hunt within our pages. Good Luck!Congratulations to our April I Spy winner, Karen AndersonYouth Strength & Conditioning Summer Campfocuses on the fundamentals of strength, speed, agility, and power while educating the athletes on the importance of proper form. This is a great opportunity for beginner, intermediate and/or advanced level athletes.SUMMER CAMPSnap code to reaister online today!For more information contact Osiris Estrada at assistance (up to 30%) is available.MAYSFAMILYYMCAATSTONEOAK •21654BlancoRd.• Lisa BouqelgokIt was 1:47 in the morning. I know this exact time because we just bought a new digital clock. My daughters were visiting Grandma. My husband was working out of town. I was home alone.I was awakened by footsteps outside my bedroom window. Moments later I heard the distinct sound of munching. “Whew, it’s just deer.”Nonetheless, I did get up to look out the window and counted a small herd of five,, seven deer outside my window grazing in my backyard.Now, here is where the story begins: 1:57. Gazing out the window, looking at deer, I noticed three distinct bright stars on the horizon. “Must be those three planets that align at dawn. Let’s see...Jupiter, Saturn, Venus? No, Mercury.”“Got to put astronomy class on my Bucket List.”“Wait a minute! The planets are moving forward.”“Must be an airplane. We are on the flight path for the Air Force Base.”(I once got to see the shuttle being transported back to base!)getting even closer and three lights getting even brighter.” (Usually, the USAF planes start turning by now, which is why I got to see the full side view of the shuttle piggybacked on the transport.) Deer still munching peacefully on my pathetic patch of grass.2:07 AM. “Holey Shamoley, that’s really getting close! It’s huge! What’s those big transports the air force use? C-Something? What’s it doing this time of night?”2:12 AM. It stopped. Three very bright horizontal lights shining clearly on my backyard. “Oh, another deer by the trees, thank you, Lights.” The eight deer kept munching. They were not disturbed. There was no noisy engine sound. No sound at all. Just three bright lights.2:17 AM. Suddenly, the lights went sideways. The fastest horizontal exit I’ve ever seen since Beep Beep the Roadrunner! (“Exit, Stage left!”) It disappeared in seconds. No more lights. The deer continued munching.2: 22 AM. I went back to bed. Very strange. “I’m glad the deer woke me. I might have missed the whole starry encounter.”4www.stoneoakhighlights.comMay 20222:02 AM. “Yep. Definitely an airplane

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