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Your Hair-Loss & Weight Gain Could Be Misdiagnosed Thyroid90% of women taking Thyroid Hormones will failto feel normal again...No matter what their lab test saysIf you suffer from...• Weight Gain • Insomnia• Fatigue• Hair loss• Mood swings• Brain Fog• Sluggishness • No motivation • Depression• Gut problemsYou may have a system dysfunction. This mechanism is not only destroying your thyroid gland, but other glands and tissues as well.Conditions such as:Hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s, Grave’s Disease, Enlarged Thyroid or Cancerous nodules, Missing Thyroid.Julio M. Jimenez(“Dr. J”) is the founder of the I. W. Method. His holistic and natural approach to health is helping thousands of San Antonians with thyroid dysfunctionto reclaim their Life and their Youth!Take our FREE Symptom Checker Test or Call 210-775-0810to schedule an initial consultation.   SUMMERMOON_STONEOAK20 www.stoneoakhighlights.comMarch 2022

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