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Testosterone Therapy-Guided by theRight Blood WorkLBy Dr. Donna Beckerately, it seems that every doctor thinks he/she can prescribe bio- identical hormones. Read anarticle, or talk to a compounding pharmacist, and become an instant expert—but it is not that easy. I saw a woman recently in my office with a dangerously high level of testosterone after being given weekly injections of testosterone by another physician. Her level was over 500, while a normal young woman’s range of testosterone varies between 20-75.I explained to her that elevated testosterone in a woman can produce permanent physiologic changes such as deepening of the voice, facial hair, baldness, and changes to the breasts and clitoris. Thankfully, she came to me after only three weeks of this terrible treatment. I have seen women who have elevated testosterone levels of around 100 without any obvious physical changes. Mentally, some increase in testosterone produces energy and self- confidence bordering on arrogance-which can be desirable in a depressed or shy individual (personal observation).But very high testosterone is not natural, not physiologic, and there are no studies about the long-term deleterious effects. I remember another patient, about 45 years old, who admitted she had used injectable testosterone and synthetic male like hormones as a young aspiring body builder. Other than a deep voice and muscular body, she had normal female appearance. She regretted her illegal use of hormones and only wanted to be correctly balanced, which of course I provided.The most common error I see in men treated with testosterone is improper analysis of blood levels. Total testosterone is not the blood level to guide therapy, rather it is the free, or unbound, blood level. Sex hormone binding globulin, SHBG, binds testosterone. So, if a person has an elevated SHBG, he will need more total testosterone to overcome this binding.Blood levels must guide therapy inSt. Patrick’s - continued from page 16 being one big party catering to the over-21 crowd. It’s common to find people raising pints throughout the day on St. Patrick’s Day. However, for those who want children to be a part of the festivities, there are plenty of entertaining ways to incorporate them into any celebration.Attend a paradeParades are a common sight come St. Patrick’s Day, and they’re ideal activities for children. If your town or city is hosting a St. Patrick’s Day parade this year, make plans to attend with the children. Follow safety precautions, including remaining socially distant, when necessary, and watch the floats, pipers, colorfully clad characters, and other participants go by. Serve child-friendly beverages1-ON-1 ASSISTED STRETCHING STUDIONOW OPEN IN STONE OAK!50-MINUTE INTRO STRETCH $95 VALUEFirst time visit onlyCONTACT US TO BOOK A STRETCHStretchLab Stone Oak18415 Blanco Rd. Suite 102 | San Antonio, TX 78258 | (210) 782-9592 |•• Improved posture & relaxation • Increased sports performance • Reduced recovery timewomen and men. Failure to monitor prescribed hormones can be disastrous. Sex hormone replacement therapy must be properly evaluated the same as thyroid or insulin hormones –by blood levels. I treat adults with age related decline of hormones. Start 2022 with the hormone levels of a young health adult. Now is not the time to guess or estimate this important life sustaining treatment. Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy can be prescribed precisely for you. No, not everyone needs hormone replacement therapy, but that decision depends on blood levels and each individual’s lifestyle, medical history, and desire.Call for free 15 min consultation.Dr Donna BeckerSpecializes in anti-aging & health maintenance medicine.(210) 545-5224 www.antiagingsa.comFor those hosting St. Patrick’s Day at home, be sure to have a variety of foods and beverages on hand, particularly ones that children can enjoy. Whip up your own concoction like a Leprechaun Punch that features lemon-lime soda, green food coloring and lime sherbet.Learn St. Patrick’s historyChildren may not realize that St. Patrick, even though he is the patron saint of Ireland, actually was born in Britain, according to National Geographic Kids. Also, he wasn’t always associated with the color green; he was first depicted wearing blue robes. These are just some of the facts adults and children can explore together.Get Your Vitality Back!Focus of Treatments:• Hormone restoration to healthy young adults levels• Thyroid issues• Hot Flashes/ Night Sweats• Moodiness, “Emotionality”• Loss of Libido• Brain Fog• Insomnia• Bone Loss• Vitamin Deficiencies• Blood levels guide treatmentMen’s issues:Erectile, Dysfunction, Fatigue and Weight GainThe Enhancementof Life CenterDr. Donna Becker and Mr. Roderick Kuwamoto, PACall to schedule your FREE consultation (210) 545-522414603 Huebner Rd,. Suite 2601 (Huebner & NW Military)www.antiagingsa.comMarch 17

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