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Stone Oak Highlights Celebrates Four Years Of Bringing Good NewsBHy Kathi Holzschuherappy Fourth Birthday, Stone Oak Highlights! The first issue was published for February 2018,exhibiting all the passion for community that publisher and owners, Ronnie and Gina Barbera possess. “We love Stone Oak,” says Gina. “My roots are here. I love bringing business and residents together.”Stone Oak is where it all began for Gina as early as 1998. While raising her family in the community, she had a neighborhood welcoming service, greeting new residents, and providing information and recommendations. Over the next decade, she expanded her resume to include publishing in print media, forming business networking groups, and coordinating community events.She met her husband Ronnie and introduced him to the publication business and her love for the community.The Barberas are clear about the purpose of their newspaper. “We are a publication that focuses on community with human- interest pieces, how-to articles, decorating tips, recipes, food & wine, and more,” explains Gina. Stone Oak Highlights mails monthly to over 25,000 homes, businesses, and apartments.“We have passion for community,” says Ronnie. “We are not a big corporate publication, and because we are privately owned, we can choose stories we want to share and what themes we do monthly. We have fun with our publications,” added Ronnie.The Barberas issue two other publications, Helotes Highlights & AlamoRonnie and Gina Barbera , owners and publishers of Highlights PublicationsRanch Highlights, which they started in 2013. They also facilitate and coordinate the Alamo Ranch/151 Business Association established in 2015.In 2018, Stone Oak Highlights was launched with the purpose of featuring and supporting women and their families. In addition, Stone Oak Ladies Night, a fun community event, was hosted by the publication. This free monthly social event intended to connect women of all ages, faiths, colors, and careers in the community, however, has been on hiatus since the beginning of the pandemic. “We hope it will come back in the future. These events were not only fun but also helped build friendships and recognize women who are doing great things in the community,” says Gina.Stone Oak Ladies Business Association(SOLBA) was formed shortly after having several Stone Oak Ladies Night events. “IStone Oak Ladies Night Spanish theme eventrealized there were women who also who wanted to do business networking,” says Gina. “This group connects women in business, giving them a unique platform to support one another, motivate and inspire,” she added.Northside Business Association SA(NBASA) was formed during the beginning of the pandemic, April 2020. Recognizing a need for a coed business networking group on the Northside, the Barberas took action and made it happen.Februaebrating Spring! HighlightsFebruary. 2022 Volume 4March 2 VolumeCelebrating Women’s History Monthry 2l018Stone Oak PRSRT STDStone Oak HighlightsFeaturing & Supporting Women And Their Familieswww.stoneoakhighlights.comVolume 1Featuring & Supporting Women And Their FamiliesInside This Issue:• RecognizingWomen In Our Community• Supporting St. Baldrick’s In Alan’sName• A Woman With A HeartFor Education• Making Her Own Sunshine• Project BraveWomen: Creating, Doing, Leading• Voting For Mom: Anna Gordon TorresUS POSTAGE PAIDSAN ANTONIO, TX PERMIT NO 6450****ECR WSS POSTAL CUSTOMER****ECR WSS**** POSTAL CUSTOMERCeFebruary 2018 www.stoneoakhighlights.com1FebruarHappy Valentine's Day!PRSRT STDUS POSTAGE PAIDSAN ANTONIO, TX PERMIT NO 6450Featuring & Supporting Women And Their 1PRSRT STDUS POSTAGE PAIDSAN ANTONIO, TX PERMIT NO 6450y 2022POSTAL CUSTOMER StoneOak****ECR WSS****3020 HighlightsMarch 2 1020The Barberas are grateful to all the readers of Stone Oak Highlights, the businesses who support it, and the opportunity to serve this community! The community are encouraged to email story ideas about notable neighbors and remarkable kids to info@ business and community together is the goal for Barbera Productions, LLC. Please feel free to call (210) 548-6448 or visit Out With Your HoneySBy Keyuna Milamtart the month of March with action! Coming into the new year you may have had weight loss orfitness goals. You could double dip and spend time with your significant other and have an accountability partner.We often fail at our weight loss/ fitness goals because we go in alone. Including your partner in on this process is a lost cost activity (date). When beginning a new program, you may feel like you must fit in gym time and not neglect your partner. This way it isn’t an issue.Diet is usually a problem as well. One person may be adjusting their diet to include healthier options and the other is resistant to change. This way it is a team effort. You are also sharing in each other wins. Supporting each other along the journey. Teamwork makes the dream work!The benefits of exercising together can really be positive in your relationship. You may find that both your moods are a little better. More smiles and laughs. Couples’ selfies and all that good stuff. This is also aFun Ways For Children To Participate In St. Patrick’s Day Celebrationsgreat way to build non-sexual intimacy. As the happy endorphins get going you both are in a euphoric space. This energy can extend to other areas. Plus, as you both become more physical fit your bodies begin to show the work that you both are putting in and sparks may fly!S t. Patrick’s Day commemorates its namesake, the patron saint of Ireland who helped spreadChristianity across this island nation. While it may have begun as a religious holiday, eventually the fanfare expanded to transform St. Patrick’s Day into a secularcelebration spanning the world — reaching Irish diaspora in various countries. In fact, some of the largest St. Patrick’s Day events occur outside of Ireland.In addition to paying homage to St. Patrick, the holiday is largely known for St. Patrick’s - continued on page 1716www.stoneoakhighlights.comMarch 2022

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