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v Family Matters v Child Support 101PBy Crista Branch, Attorneyeople often ask how child support is calculated. When one parent is awarded primary and the otherparent is awarded a standard possession or an extended possession order, that parent with visitation will also be ordered to pay child support. Depending on how many children you have and how much income you have will determine your child support amount. People often ask if they can pay less child support if the primary parent makes more money than they do. Child support is based on the income of the parent who is ordered to pay, not on the other parent or new spouses.Child support does not just apply to fathers. In this day and especially in Bexar County, judges are awarding primary residence to more fathers, based on the best interest of the child. Many times, when the parents change custody by agreement or court order, one party will argue that the other parent never paid child support so they shouldn’t have to either. This is not an argument that can be made. The courts will always look at the present and what is in the best interest of the child. It is public policy in Texas for the parents to financially support the child.Clients often ask if the parents can waive child support. If both parties have agreed on a waiver of child support, it still has to be approved by a judge. Depending on the judge and the circumstances of the case, a judge may or may not approve the agreement. A court cannot order that the child support go for specific things for theFeel Great- Function Great! • Perfect Health Is Normal!Suffer With Pain, Sleeplessness, Memory Loss Or Auto-Immune Disorders?WE PROVIDE:• Zone Therapy: A Chiropractictechnique that resets the brain toheal the body.• Nutrition Coaching: Learn how touse food as medicine.18756 Stone Oak Parkway, Suite 200 (Tuscany Center)210-818-3278www.Alivehealthtx.comNew to the neighborhood?Welcome home! We’d like to say “hello” with a FREE neighborhood gift and local info for you.Medical • Home Services • Entertainment Family Activities • And Much MoreText, call (210-414-6200) or register online to schedule delivery by your neighborhood welcome representative!child or that the money is even spent on the child. It is important to make sure that you know your rights if you are being ordered to pay child support or you are the one receiving it. Ask questions and make sure you understand the order before you sign it.Crista Marichalar Branch, P.C.549 Heimer Rd., Suite 200 San Antonio, Texas 78232 (210) 229-2088 www.branchfamilylaw.comNOW ENROLLING FOR 2022-2023CHRISTIAN-BASED EDUCATION• Accredited Prek-3 Through 8th Grade• Small Class Sizes• Exceptional & Challenging Curriculum• Creative Learning Environment - Enrichment Classes & Fine Arts• Experienced & Compassionate Educators• Family-Oriented50% OFFENROLLMENTFEEwith exclusive code:COMMUNITYFIRST(savings of $250),More than 20 yearsof fostering mental, spiritual, and physicalgrowth, equipping students with the tools they need for a successful and impactful life.SCHEDULE A TOUR TODAY! | 975 Mission Springs, San Antonio, TX 78258 | 210.721.47006th Grader, Graham Hansen, PassionateAbout Promoting Heart HealthSGubmitted By Jason Himmelsteinraham Hansen, 6th grader at Lopez Middle School, was recently nominated as an American HeartAssociation (AHA) Teen of Impact for the Southwest region.Graham was selected because of his passion for the AHA which started as a kindergartener at Hardy Oak doing Jump Rope for Heart. He has an amazing entrepreneurial spirit. He has his own YouTube channel where he does trick shots & amazing domino feats. Graham is passionate about promoting heart health because he has family members who have battled heart disease.His team is focused on preventing heart disease and stroke. They are promoting healthy lifestyles, building awareness, and raising funds to support research and education initiatives. Graham is planning a silent auction that will be held in March of 2022. More information can be found by texting GRAHAMTOI to 71777 or at 13

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