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v Family Matters vHow To Prepare For A Custody Case BIy Crista Branch, AttorneyWe’re Keeping itCLEAN!Disinfect with a professional clean.Let’s make your life easier and let our PROs handle the cleaning!Try MaidPro today and sweep up this exclusive offer: $125 $25 OFF YOUR 2ND, 4THAND 6TH CLEANINGReference Stone Oak Highlights and also receive a FREE Fridge or oven clean $50 value.Offer valid for weekly or biweekly services.Use Code:OFFSOHL125Kim Folden,OwnerCall 210-664-4884 or visit you find yourself in the position where you or a loved one is fighting for custody there are some thingsyou can do to help prepare your case. 1. Keep a journal of all your concerns with the other parent. These concerns need to be detailed and specific. For example, If the other parent does not exercise their visits, keep a calendar of visits missed or late pick- ups and drop-offs.2. Make notes of child’s behavior before and after they come back from the other parent’s house. Are assignments being turned in at schoolondaystheyarewiththeotherparent? Is the child tardy to school on certain days? 3. If you are behind on child support, get caught up and start paying your monthly amount. If you are on a payment plan for arrears, make sure you are making the payments as ordered.4. Make sure you are familiar with your child’s teachers. Attend conferences, email the teachers and ask how your child is doing. Judge’s like to see that you are involved in the child’s life. They can also tell if you just start doing this when you file for custody, so make sure you are as involved as you can be.If your child is making outcries of abuse or neglect at the other parent’s house, take your child to a therapist and if necessary,report it to the authorities.1. Do not post anything derogatory about your ex on any social media platforms. Do not send angry or threatening texts and e-mails or voicemails to your ex. These things have a way of coming into court at the worst time.Custody cases can be long and very hardonthepartiesaswellasthechild. The best thing to do is to meet with an attorney to discuss all your options.Crista Marichalar Branch, P.C.549 Heimer Rd., Suite 200 San Antonio, Texas 78232 (210) 229-2088 www.branchfamilylaw.comNorthside Business Association SA Recognizes Rick Carter With Rick Carter InsuranceGetting You Back To The Things You Love, FASTER!Physical Therapy & Sports RehabYour premier physical therapy provider for one -on-one care.www.promotionpt-sa.com5 locations serving San Antonio & surrounding areas210-257-8272T he Northside Business Association SA recognized Rick Carter with Rick Carter Insurance as a Silver Charter Member and presented a specialplaque on January 26, 2023.Rick Carter, CLU, ChFC, Mediator is aninsurance agent for health and life insurance, Medicare, long term care, and home care coverage. He has 44 years experience in the financial services industry and advanced education to include a double MBA from St. Mary’s University. He considers it a privilege to help families, individuals, and seniors with these important decisions that can save them thousands of dollars, and planning ahead can make a huge difference in the care they will receive when necessary.As a community volunteer, Rick Carter has served the disabled community with an emotional support Facebook, “Special Needs Advocates”, founded 13 years ago serving over 1000 families. Rick Carter is the president of Military Families and Survivors First, Inc., a 501(c)3 serving families and survivors of our military men and women. Serving the senior community, he is the Treasurer of Alamo Area Home Care Council; and he did win Small Business Person of the Year 2020 to 2021 on with over 31,000 San Antonio Profiles.For more information, visit Rick Carter, CLU,ChFC,Mediator at page or call (210) 367-7909.March 11

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