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True Love Is About Being Selfless, Forgiving
WSubmitted By Fabian Quintana
much I love Christmas. He rented a Santa Suit and convinced all my roommates to keep it hidden. Santa walked into our dorm room with a huge bag of goodies for all the girls. I was the last one to get a gift. He really looked like Santa. I opened a box in a box in a smaller box to find a ring. Santa got down on one knee and said, you had me at pigtails and a visor. Would you please do me the honor of being my Mrs. Clause? Six months later, we were married in the Motherhouse chapel of UIW.
We celebrated our 16-year wedding anniversary on July 24th. We are blessed with twin sons that will be turning 13 years old December 14th which just so happens to be the day he proposed to me in 2003.
Sixteen years I have followed him from post to post, multiple more deployments, 11 moves and miraculously, his last move finally brought us home to the gorgeous place we met.
We have only been back a little over a year, however going to UIW, and everywhere we ever went as a young couple is amazing. We both decided if the Army ever sent him back, we wanted to live in the Stone Oak area, and have our kids go to Reagan. They are currently at Bush, and we are so happy to be home. It really is a bittersweet love story to the end of his military career and the future of our family in the Stone Oak area.
 & Sacrifice
 e met in a small bar downtown but worked for the same company. However, it wasn’t
until that night that I had enough “courage” to talk to her. I was captivated by her beauty then and still am today. We danced, talked and realized we both had sons from previous marriages. I asked for her number and our journey started. Our first date was downtown at “La Focaccia.” We continued to date but I didn’t have the courage to kiss her because I didn’t want to send any wrong messages so one day, she leaned into me.
Then fast forward. We get married and have identical twin girls who were both taken to heaven. It was a tough time, but we persevered and together had a beautiful son. Through the years we continued to experience challenges and realize we are two broken people in a broken world who need help. Enter God. True love is about being selfless, forgiving and sacrifice. And if we wanted this then it would require extraordinary work. Today, we are going on
All Love Stories Are Beautiful But
     19 yrs. of marriage and are more in love than ever. I love you babe in the purest and truest form and will always. Happy Valentines!
Ours Is My Favorite
ot only is there “Love at First Sight,” But...there is “Love at First Sight,” 2 times in 1 lifetime! I am crazy about
ubmitted By Clema Owen
  His Mom Called My Dad
MSubmitted By Dorothy Gendron
y husband was sent to Iraq shortly after 9-11. In July of 2003, he and his driver were
in a Humvee that went over an IED and managed to blow up underneath them both. My husband was sent to SAMC/ BAMC at the time for his surgeries and 9-month recovery period. I was a senior at the University of the Incarnate Word at the time. Not knowing anything about him, or his situation, his mother just so happened to be my guidance counselor all four years.
I had picked up his little brother from school and tennis practices, had lunch with his grandmother on numerous occasions. They even went as a family during his break from West Point to South Padre and stayed in one of our friend’s condos. We still had never met. So, this is when the story takes a turn. His mother (my counselor) wanted my roommate at the time to meet her son the day he got out of the hospital. My roommate was nervous and hesitant. She asked me to come along. I really didn’t want to go because I had a class to be at. Also, I had shorts, a t-shirt on, a visor with pig tales. To say the least, not the best way to meet anyone. We sat in Mrs. Kuwamoto’s office and I kept trying to leave due to my class.
Finally, I got up, walked to the door to leave, as I opened it, I saw a very wounded soldier on crutches. We locked eyes. My counselor called my professor and said I would be late. We met for maybe 10 minutes, then I went to class. Later that day, I got a call from my father down in Brownsville asking if I had met Connie Kuwamoto’s son. I thought
our love story and out of all of the boys in the world, I would choose Mike again! After each of us had a long-term loving, married relationship of almost 50 years, we each fulfilled that vow of “Until death do us part!”
Mike and I met at a bible study at Oak Hills Church and 48 hours later Mike asked me to marry him and 10 days later, we married. We have now been married for 20 months at age 76 and we are convinced that it was “A divine Intervention” because we are so equally matched. Thank you, God and “All love stories are beautiful but ours is my favorite!”
Who Is That Beautiful Girl?
Submitted By Jim McDonald
oon after enrolling in college, I went to the school cafeteria with some guys.
We sit down to eat, and this beautiful girl walked by, and I ask the men
“WHO IS THAT BEAUTIFUL GIRL?!” They told me who she was and also advised me that she was going steady!
Afterward, I ask one of her girlfriends to let me know if and when she broke up to please let me know.
In the meantime, this beauty and I were in the same typing lab. I was typing on “her” typewriter and I wouldn’t let her have it.
Soon, one of her girlfriends let me know that my beauty had broken up with her boyfriend. I stepped in. We dated for one year, married and stayed married for 60 years. She passed away in August, 2016.
We Met On Bumble- The Rest Is History
my profile. Taking a chance with a girl she wouldn’t usually go for, she swiped right.
Stories- continued on page 9 February 2021
      that was odd since I had just met him that day. He was trying to get my phone number, so his mom called my dad. LOL!!! Mind you I am 21 at the time. Communication began. However, not before I talked it over with my roommate and friend first to make sure she had no interest in dating him. Our first date was with pretty much the full UIW volleyball team. We all went to Cowboys Dance Hall. He tried his best to get me on the dance floor in crutches, and I tried my best just to get to know him through the loud music. It really was special.
Fast forward only 2 weeks later, it was the Christmas Season, and he knew how
ubmitted By Hristiana
 lizabeth and I met on Bumble in November of 2019. She paid for the service, which is how she saw

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