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ABy Alissa Reinhard
fter a rough 2020, we could all use
Valentine’s Day isn’t just about presents. The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us how important it is to express our love every day. Spending time together as a family is truly more valuable than any gift you can buy in the store.
If you’re in a committed relationship, dating someone new, or have been married for 50 years – your reaction to Cupid’s Holiday undoubtedly ranges from enthusiasm to annoyance. However, a small gesture of love toward the one you’re with is never a bad
Love Stories
All We Need Is Love!
  a little more love, especially this
Valentine’s Day! During the month of February, you can practically feel the love in the air. The grocery store aisles are filled with candy hearts, teddy bears and balloons, the television is playing romantic comedies on a loop, even the gas station around the corner is stocked with a few dozen roses for the last minute shoppers. But what does Valentine’s Day really mean to you?
thing, no matter what the calendar says. Think of Valentine’s Day as a simple reminder – you’re with the one you love, each and every day...probably more now than ever before! How often do you show him or her how special they are to you? There’s so many simple ways to show you care, and while a dozen roses or a date night out are always nice, they aren’t the only ways to say, “I love you.” Let Valentine’s Day inspire you – the sentiment behind it is worth celebrating, especially during these
challenging times.
    Thank you to all who submitted in their love story submissions . We are happy to share with the community. Winner will be announced in the March issue. Happy Valentines Day!
A Practical Love Story
BSubmitted By Sadia Sheikh
oth Shahzad & I were oblivious to the turn of events which were about to occur back in 1996. Both
of us were heading towards two separate directions with two different futures. We both ended up not taking those paths. Four years prior, Shahzad was supposed to have come met me. But decided not to since the pics he saw were of a thin girl who’s face he could barely see due to the HUGE sunglasses I had on - of course, a pic which your family thinks is cute, but not so cute after all. Well, since this happened, his sister-in-law connected with my parents because her mother was a faraway relative and had seen my mother decades ago. Remembering a graceful lady, thought, her daughters might be good looking, and she had heard the youngest was not married.
Let me give you a glimpse of how marriage worked for us. We were arranged - ‘arranged’ means introduced, NOT forced as most of us would presume. The idea is if you meet someone - wonderful! If not, you can be ‘introduced’ to suitors with good backgroundsandfamilies. So-Yes,oneday, we got a call that Shahzad & his Mom were visiting while going through Atlanta.
The first time I saw him, I LOVED his welcoming smile. I was not told that he was there., considering marriage. Although, I had a hunch towards the end of the evening. We had a sweet evening - two families just mingling. We mingled, exchanged some smiles, some laughs. A few days after, came a proposal. We spoke for a month and a half.
We were brutally honest with each other because we definitely did not want to spend the rest of our lives putting up a show that would get tiring. My brother came in to ask my decision. I responded that he seemed
to be a very nice person, professional, good family, honest, I had no reason to say ‘No’, so I left it to God and then my family. My family also felt this was a good fit, so I was congratulated on this commencement of our marriage soon to be. I felt like I was jumping off a cliff but with a strong faith in God that he will guide me to what is BEST for me and my future. Almost 25 years in July 2021, haven’t regretted my decision since:-) Don’t get me wrong - we have our moments - but that’s the challenge. Love isn’t a fairy tale, let me correct myself, for MOST of us at least - it’s getting through hard times, it tests us, it demands patience, faith in God and each other, it demands sacrifice. But as we get through each trial, we find ourselves bonded. The glue that keeps us together - ‘Love’ simply gets stronger.
Love comes in various ways to people. Some people spend years with each other and still don’t know each other. Some fall in love and fall out. With both of us being practical personalities, I really don’t have a ‘LoveStory’. Justa‘Practical-LoveStory’.
caption “Most Beautiful Sophomore Girl”. No wonder we’d never met. She would later tell me she knew who I was and thought of me as a nerd. I guess it was the Chess Club, Debate Team, etc. In any case, after several years of dating we decided to get married. We chose Hawaii for our wedding, a place we had visited and enjoyed a great deal.
At the suggestion of the local Baptist minister in Lahaina, we gave up the idea of church wedding, and instead chose a spot on a small lava rock cliff overlooking Kapalua Bay there on Maui. Our wedding photographer doubled as our witness. We have been married now for over 18 years. Sarah and I have no children together, but together we have five grown children and eleven wonderful grandchildren.
Happily Married For Forty Years
every Monday that summer. He drove from Houston to Dallas every weekend to see me. Randy proposed to me in June. We were married on January 16, 1981, in New Orleans, Louisiana, my hometown. We’ve been happily married for 40 years on
January 16, 2021.
      SOn Saturday, May 31, 1980, when my ex-husband didn’t show up for our marriage counseling appointment, I cried and went home.
I went dancing to a club called Feathers. I sat at the bar next to a stranger, who asked me to dance and we danced until the club closed at 2:00 am.
The stranger, whose name is Randy, took me for a ride in his 1977 Spit Fire sports car. He gave me his puzzle ring from Saudi Arabia and made a date with me for the following Sunday.
On the following Sunday, I was in Longview, Texas, at my company’s golf tournament and the people with whom I rode, weren’t ready to go back to Dallas in time for my date. When I called Randy to explain, he told me that he was on his way from Houston to Longview to pick me up.
Randy sent me a dozen long stem red roses
ubmitted By Paula Burch
      A Message To All Nerds: Be Patient
It Was Love At First Sight
SMubmitted By Walt and Sarah Elliott
y wife and I both attended Del
Rio High School, but we didn’t
meet until a mutual friend introduced us thirty plus years later here in
San Antonio. When he mentioned her name I had to go back to my old yearbooks to see if I could find her. In my Senior Yearbook I found a full page photo of her above the
SIubmitted By Marjorie Brown
n the summer of 1954, right after high
school graduation, I went to work at
HS Kress Co. in Abilene, TX. My parents lived in the country on a farm where I was
born and raised.
One day, when they came into town, my
mom came by my work and we went down
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